I'm listening to this

one of my favourite pieces of music

*"adagio (ə-dä'jō, -jē-ō', -zhō, -zhē-ō); adv & adj; music: in a slow tempo, usually considered to be slower than andante but faster than larghetto; used chiefly as a direction**"

**but not in this case


I, like the view said...

aren't the audience annoying?! all that coughing. . .

Rimshot said...

Hi you! :-)


They should hand out throat lasanges at the getgo.

That is one of the saddest sounding pieces in the world and we know it from countless Movies.

I confess that I couldn't help scoot over to hear Linzi Stoppard rock it up a bit.

KAZ said...

I love the music - but I couldn't watch the vid all the way through.
I'm afraid I'm a visual coward.

Mel said...

Sadly, it fits the attached film pieces.

Haunting......beautifully so.

*sad sigh*

Vicus Scurra said...

In a different beat, don't like the Barber. Love the Pachelbel.
He is more of my era.

I, like the view said...

vicus can I pick your brain for a moment? I'm humming what I think is Sibelius, lots of haunting strings going up and down - any idea what it might be?

mel it is sad - unbelievably

but it one can detach from the film, there is beauty in the sadness of the music; haunting is an incredible emotion to be able to evoke with music

(I love haunting - probably as much as you)

KAZ sometimes the visuals "spoil" the audibles, in this case how could we ever forget - but that doesn't mean we need to keep reminding ourselves. . .

just listening sometimes is enough

donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I must try that

shot hi YOU! XXX

I, like the view said...

oh that came out all wrong. . .

. . .XCH and I knew someone who died, one of his work friends

was ripped from a wife, my age, and three children, the ages of mine

perhaps that should be a constant reminder of how precious life is

Mig said...

I love the Barber. It was a constant companion for months and months when I first heard it.
So was the Pachabel Canon, come to think of it :) Sadly, hardly anyone plays the gigue that follows the canon. It's enchanting.
Albinoni's Adagio on a theme by Giazotto?
The Largo from the Bach Double concerto?
The Lark Ascendng?
I'll shut up now :)