tonight I worked out how to use the television here

I've just watched the news

there are so many things going on in the world
that sadden my heart


despite reading the paper everyday, I don't know if I'm a fool for not watching the box more often - there is something more real about trouble when you listen to someone telling you about it, more real than reading about it

strange then that for me doing this
is so valuable



Mel said...

Oh, I don't know about that.

Seriously? I can't take watching the news on television--you're right, it's the emotional impact. And there's a futility of sorts. I'm not certain how to describe it.....

'Here', there's a people to people connectedness, a sense of it 'mattering' even if there's the distance to contend with. I know, for me, it's the connectedness.
Dunno how it happens..dunno why....I just know it does and I'm extremely, hugely grateful that it works that way.

And thank you, thank you, thank you! Fairies showed up in my mailbox today--flittering, gorgeous, wondrous fairies.....*happy sigh* Ones that speak to me, yaknow?
Again, HOW that happens--only you and the fairies know, eh?

<--is adoring her view of London, btw

Sorrow said...

I think it's all the Drama that they put into showing you how bad the world looks thru there eyes.
I prefer to manifest only the good, there fore, no Telly in this house! ( haven't missed it in 15 years...)

katherine. said...

I'm rather a news junkie.

I do a quick glaze over on "the box"...and then go online to read in depth what I want to know more about...

I just...ya to...KNOW

I, like the view said...

you guys are three one of the reasons that my doing this is so valuable

thank you


Malc said...

There's more time to consider the printed word, so I'll always plump for that, although I'm biased as an old newspaper hack.

And, depressing as it sometimes is, sit back and watch history being made.

We live in interesting times.