this was going to be sound effects*

but instead it's a train of thought**
(*I was sitting by the river in the dark, watching the water flow downstream [watching the ripples in the mirror of the surface] and I could hear all these sounds, which I was going to list for you - I saw an episode of Father Ted recently [well, actually I've seen them all, because I purchased a box set and watched them back to back for many evenings] [yes! I worked out how to use the DVD player] [I digress] and Dougal had a "BBC Sound Effects" album, and - oh, I'm rabbiting on, I'll get back to the point - and I realise what I couldn't hear was the river: it was silent)
(**I saw something interesting on dave's blog [not just the one thing, it's all interesting, but one thing really really really really interested me] and I tried googling it and got nowhere - apart from being totally sidetracked by what I did find) (which follows)

POSTSCRIPT: I now know - thanks, dave - what I was trying to search for, and so I found what I wanted (it helps - doesn't it to know what you are looking for, most of the time I only have the vaguest of ideas), but if I'd known that originally, would I have ended up at HOPE as I did? life is curious, eh? here is what I wanted to find originally:
my train of thought:

mirror ball:

mirrored ball:

huge mirror ball:

mirror ball in the sky:

all fall down:

fallen angel:

fallen angel typeface:

falling angel:

fallen angel carving:

fallen angel painting:

wim wenders:


. . .hope


Rimshot said...

the images are luverly, but I would have quite enjoyed the sound effects.

Mel said...

I'll do with whatever you put up/out in my direction.

They are lovely.......*happy sigh*
And I like that they led you to HOPE!
(yeah, I know....I would!)

katherine. said...

what an interesting progression....and I second Miz Mel...I like when the track leads to hope.


Dave said...

You'll have to take yourself off on a little holiday to Mourne.

I, like the view said...

Mourne? I was looking for Newcastle, I'll have to look again!

thank for the hint dave

katherine (-:

mel it was random, it was chance, I liked where it led me, very much, which is why I wanted to share it


shot I'm sure I'll do an auditory version!

Mel said...

<--puttering around on a Tuesday morning, having coffee, visiting good friends...

Yaknow, the usual! LOL

((((( ILTV ))))))

Good Tuesday morning to you and yours!

ziggi said...

is it Tuesday?

Anonymous G said...

It's Tuesday. Sipping coffee LATE in the morning because I had some sort of weird medical test done earlier. Which, I'm finding, is allowing me to enjoy this coffee all the more!

What I came here to say...

is that...

I love the way you create art with your words.

Have I mentioned how I enjoy the sights and sounds and feelings I get from reading you?

And it makes me smile to see you blooming?

(I "met" you when you were wilting and I'm lifted by your growth)

there you have it.

Happy Tuesday!
- is it still Tuesday where you be?? -

Rimshot said...

I, like the view said...

this is a cool shot, but I couldn't get it to load

I, like the view said...

g that was such a beautiful thing to say

thank you


ziggi I think it is

mel and to you and yours XX