sharing air

it's a well known fact that I learnt to SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) dive with the SAS at Chelsea Barracks

it's one of the more interesting things about me

or it was

I mean, I'm talking about
well over 20 years ago now. . .

. . .I digress

when taking a course in scuba diving, the first thing one learns about is the "buddy system" - you never dive alone, you see, you always go down with a buddy - you learn simple hand signals to communicate with your buddy and, very importantly, because all manner of mishaps can happen - to even the most experienced diver - you learn how to share air (one tank, one mouthpiece, two people breathing); I also learnt how to dive in zero visibility (that was with a blacked out mask in some filthy water in London's Docklands - one of my more memorable dives, but not for the right reasons); the course involved closed water dives (in quarry pits) and open water dives (on the south east coast) (I've only once been diving in warm tropical waters - off the barrier reef of The Maldives, with sharks) but we covered most of the requirements for the PADI qualification in the pool at the barracks. . .

I have no idea why I thought of that this evening - but I did


Rimshot said...

"it's a well known fact that I learnt to SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) dive with the SAS at Chelsea Barracks"

It is? Brand new news to me. How interesting you are!

Sorrow said...

Scuba diving?
now there's an adventure...
didn't have a clue..
but hey,
I share air with a lot of folks who have no idea what the buddy system is...
trust me,
it isn't pretty

I, like the view said...

sorrow hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . you have my sympathy

shot I can't remember when you first started reading my stuff - when would it have been? I know I mentioned the whole SAS thing on the original I,LTV. . . perhaps you weren't with me then?

oh well, you know now!

tell me something about you that I don't know - that would be interesting!

katherine. said...

well...I certainly wasn't with you then...for the "whole SAS thing"...


Rimshot said...

Yes, she does seem to just drop that bit of information offhandedly, eh?

"oh, I trained with the SAS. you know, THAT old chestnut. sigh"


Something about me...that's a thinker...I'll get back to you.

Anonymous G said... have so many interesting things to share.

i'm impressed.

these are the things that make you the interesting, intelligent, unique, clever, loving...lovely! person that you are.

(SCUBA?! wow)

Mel said...

Well, since I'm older than dirt and have been around for a coon's age (there's a few good sayings for ya....LOL) I can admit that I did know this!
But I so enjoy hearing and being a part of your life.
Never ceases to amaze me. Ever.

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

I'm a big believer in 'buddies'. But I'm a big believer in the power of 'WE'.

Bettin' you knew that!

I, like the view said...

I did

and I'm thinking that that is why I was mulling over the importance of having a buddy around. . .

but I'm bett' you knew that. . .


I, like the view said...

and, more importantly, I am so very glad that you are a part of my life


Mel said...

<---waiting on Rim for the 'more to be revealed'

Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

As am I.


I, like the view said...


big time


hope the fuzzy Thursday was bearable