so, remember I have no clue how to work the tele-visual machine?

Mini-Teen was over earlier in the day, and she did something to the box which means that I can now watch the channel I found four weeks ago (only that channel, mind; but beggars can't be choosers, so I'm not going to moan) (much)

not that I actually watch it, but right now I daren't turn it off in case I can't get it to work again, so I've turned the sound down (yeah, I managed to work out XCH's blips - all four - and achieve that much by myself)

so, once more, there I was, on the balcony having a fag (it's a no-smoking building)(well, obviously the building doesn't smoke, as it's not on fire) and I happened to glance in the vague direction of the box and saw an advertisement - with no sound - and no information until the very end apart from the spoken words (which I couldn't hear) of (Sir) Bob Geldof, (Lady) (and if she's not, she should be) Germaine Greer, that scientist guy in a wheelchair who really ought to have a better synthesised voice by now surely (and altho I can't remember his name, I do remember a lot about speech synthesis) and (Sir) (but why?) (has he done charity work of which I'm unaware?) Alan Sugar

I was SO intrigued that I actually googled the product

do you think that that random bunch of "celeb"s (what connects them? so they are a random bunch, right?) (and how else do you define people we are aware of via the assorted media, other than "celebs"? a scientist isn't a celeb, unless he's known for matters other than his science, in my book, nor is a businessman) were paid for taking part in this commercial?
POSTSCRIPT since when did "googled" become a word then?


Rimshot said...

In no particular order (should they be?)


Of course they were!

I suppose once they all participated in the commercial 'together' they were no longer random.

Stephen Hawking ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_hawking )

and (((((You)))))

Mel said...

Oh, I definitely believe they didn't do the commercial out of the goodness of their heart. LOL

Or....maybe I'm just cynical?

Now, what they were paid--I don't wanna know!

And googled is too a word!
But you're talkin' to the queen of made up words.
Himself keeps a dictionary handy for a reason. LOL

(((((((( you! )))))))))))