the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the

truth (will follow shortly, I'm going to have some breakfast first and a sneaky fag, methinks - but in the meantime: Happy Saturday to you!) (yes. . .YOU!!)


Gordie said...

I don't know, brain the size of a planet, and they expect me to check the stowaways on the lower deck.

Thank Marlboro it's Saturday!

Steg said...

A sneaky fag is usually the best kind! It's probably all to do with that "lure of the forbidden" thing. Whenever there's a parent's evening at Elder Daughter's school, I make a point of having a fag behind the bike sheds just for old-times sake.

Truth is a relative concept, dependent on one's point of view and beliefs. If you're planning on telling us "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" then I refer you to the experience of 77 Prak in The Hitch-hikers Guide to the galaxy!

Steg said...

Um...don't know where the "77" bit came from. Sorry!

Mel said...

I got this sudden flash of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men....spitting his words out--his truth about THE truth....

You know me.....I gotta tell the truth about Mel.

Wax on.
Wax off.

Tell the truth.
All the time.

It's the foundation that all things get built on.

It's Saturday--and I spent last evening watching fireworks and sitting in front of the firepit.
It's the next best thing to beachtime in this corner of the planet, today.

I hope breakfast included a decent cuppa coffee.
(one can hope!)

Z said...

You're a better 1930s wife than I am, I only scored 80-something. I came out as a jolly good husband though.

Rimshot said...

"Truth is a relative concept, dependent on one's point of view and beliefs."

I disagree. There are absolute truths.

Rimshot said...

oh, I got a 108 on the '30s husband scale...

...regardless of one's point of view.

(or beliefs)

mig bardsley said...

Waah! as a 1930's wife I am VERY POOR (failure). Still I enjoyed reading the questions :)
Now I shall see how I'd do as a husband.
Yup. Thought so. as a 1930's husband I am SUPERIOR.

Oh I can't tell about truth. I know there's always more to every question than I can know. And I feel it's best to act as though there are absolute truths even if I don't know what they are. And keep a weather eye out for any answers.

Hope breakfast was good and I hope you enjoyed the fag too.
Thinking about you and sending love, hugs and peaceful wishes. Happy wishes too.

Mel said...



<-- Wants to know what the absolute truths are!!!!!!

*waiting with great interest*

Mel said...


<---thinks she could be waiting a very, very long time?

(wild guess....LOL)

I, like the view, still said...

. . .well I'm back because it was very very frightening when I went home last Monday; I know I kind of made light of it - but not recognising my clothes in the wardrobes, not remembering having moved into the house, looking at my bits 'n' pieces and none of it having any emotional value, became more and more petrifying as time went on

it was OK the first night, as XCH stayed over - but the second day went really really downhill once I got home from having a nice coffee by the river, and I sat in the house looking at all the mess that had replaced what I thought I had created but couldn't quite remember, and then when he came home from school I had a horrible row with The Teen about a sofa, which threw me totally, then I ddecided that I just couldn't cope as a single mother with the POVSs and asked XCH if they could go over to his so they did and then I sat in the garden drinking (and you know I don't drink)(so that was a BAD IDEA) and ended up trying to slash my wrist but failed, so I swallowed everything I could find and passed out

woke up in A&E the next day (XCH had come back to check up on me)

but it got worse than that this weekend, before the new drugs kicked in. . .

(another story altogether)


the new drugs have kicked in now, and I'm beginning to feel almost vaguely normal (whatever that might be)

I'm not proud of myself

Steg said...


Big, tight, take-your-breath-away type hugs.

Good to hear the news meds are instilling a sense of your version of normality!

Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

I'll just be proud of you until you rediscover all that you ARE. Cuz really--these incidents don't even come close to speaking to all that you are, yaknow that don'tcha?

<---knows this well.

It eeks back at a pace that's not even noticeable....suddenly one day you awaken to memories that you don't remember forgetting. Give yourself the time and patience that you are so deserving of, eh?

None of this is easy--dealing with the depression, getting to accept what IS today.....grieving the loss of dreams and looking around to locate hope that seems so elusive--none of this is easy stuff. Doable(even though it appears it's not)--but not easy.

I'll hang on to the hope that the medications will add to the mix and lighten the load for least until you've found the rest you need to keep trudging.
I know it's a cliche'....but it won't always be like this.

These are just the circumstances today--they're NOT your destiny.

<--really, really, really trust that's true

Maybe that's one of the absolute truths shot was referring to, eh?

(((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))))

(another one of those 'takes your breath away from the squeezing' kinda hugs....)