. . .to the other

I don't want half hearted love affairs
I need someone who really cares.
Life is too short to play silly games
I've promised myself I won't do that again.
It's got to be perfect
It's got to be worth it
Yeah. . .
Too many people take second best
But I won't take anything less
It's got to be
perfect. . .
Young hearts are foolish
they make such mistakes
They're much too eager to give their love away.
I have been foolish too many times
Now I'm determined I'm gonna get it right.
It's got to be perfect. . .
It's got to be perfect.

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Gordie said...

I can remember being on my honeymoon, in bed with my new wife,watching this woman on TV and thinking "this is what my wedding vows say I have given up". I wonder where she is now?