from "no room at the inn" to "a room with a...

. . .view" and I like it!
no doubt endless descriptions of herons, swans, gulls; pools, ripples, waves; bridges, cars, taxis, buses, tube trains; helicopters, planes just overhead on a flight path to Heathrow with landing gear emerging from their bellies, planes so high above the only evidence of which is their vapour trails criss-crossing in the sky; dawns, sunsets, the moon appearing over the horizon whilst edging its way towards a sliver; the river, the flow of which at this point goes due east and due west (the direction of which depends on the tide); etc etc will follow
right now I have to go food shopping: the cupboard is bare and this Old Mother Hubbard is hungry

have a good day,
dear reader
(that'll be YOU!!)
ps dave: for some reason I can't even comment on my own blog, but I don't dance because I have two right feet


ziggi said...

took me an age to get this little box open!
Happy Wednesday!

Steg said...

It must be the influence of Wednesday but I've been haunted by the letter "W" all day.

On that note I wish you a wonderful, winsome, wicked Wednesday!


'Shot said...

What sorts of yummy goodness will you be purchasing? I can recommend AGAINST the Lean Cuisine Paninis. (ugh!)

I, like the view said...

zigz it's FINALLY let me in! hello. . . hugz and kisses to you too darling!


steg wonderful and winsome possibly, don't think I'll have the opportunity for wicked. . .


shot nah, I don't do lean cuisine. . .

got a strong Napoli Latte on the way out; I bought a new red lipstick, some bleach (XCH's fridge is filthy), 3 hazelnut yoghurts, some cantucci biscuits with almonds, a mango, a pineapple, loads of grapes (green and red), a small watermelon, packet of almonds, packet of trail mix, carton of pink grapefruit juice, bottle of spring water with pomegranite juice, and drank some fresh lemonade on the way round


(there's a LARGE bottle of Full Fat Coca-Cola in the fridge already, and I have about five packets of Marlboros [Reds][not good, I know] about my person and/or in various handbags)(yes, I have more than one handbag)


(actually, I really shouldn't be so blase about my physical health - but there you go, I'll get there later)

hope you're all having a good day: the tide's in, river is full, blue skies and afternoon sun here!

lots of love


'Shot said...

that's a lot of fruit...planning an extended WC stay (or does that fall under 'rude')?

mig bardsley said...

Yay! I got into the little box! (comment type of box)

What wonderfully healthy shopping. I hope there's some bread and meat or cheese at XCH's place though.

The view sounds wonderful :) I'm looking forward to hearing more.

xxx and hugs

I, like the view said...

*adds bread, meat, cheese to shopping list* thanks mig


shot I'll let you know I have a very strong constitution. . . and lavatorial references are not rude, I mean we all have to go - right? but I'm pretty sure there is more interesting stuff to talk about (you are such a boy)


Gordie said...


I, like the view said...

you are in TBA: please don't sit in front of a computer (or use someone's BlackBerry?) to check up on Blighty while you're on a break!


katherine. said...

so many things to...view....