for mel, craig, shot, katherine and all my wonderful buddies over the pond

and for everyone else. . .
and anyone able to resist humming "celebrate good times, cummon" and then play a snatch of air-guitar whilst schreeching "yahoo!" you have better stamina than I do, but we probably knew that. . .

personally, I hate that tune (but then I am well known for being a miserable cow) (only you guys haven't cottoned onto that yet)


dinahmow said...

Hello! Feeling better?

Rimshot said...


mig bardsley said...

Oh my Goodness! and it's not even Friday - well only just.
I am able to resist but that's due to forgetfulness not stamina.

craig andrew said...

Is tomorrow "Cat In The Hat" day? I almost forgot with all the damn fireworks going off!! But, I did remember that today is National Packy Day and made sure I had enough beer for the weekend (something I usually forget). C;)

ziggi said...

is it the 4th?

(has a look)

Happy Independence Day over there!

(how did July sneak up so fast?!)

***Waving to the Cousins***

Dave said...

Is this the day the aliens invade?

Mel said...


<--the alien HAS landed!

(just saying.....LOL)

Happy Independence Day!! I say in this house as I pat himself's little head. Happy Sore Loser Day.

He likes that muchly, of course....mumbles and threatens to put up the Red Cross flag......ummmmm......I mean the St. George's flag.....

Never fear!
I do have a plentiful supply of Snoopy bandaids if he does indeed opt to make this a reality! LOL

((((((( ILTV ))))))))

Thanks muchly for the 'too cute' cake!
Too cute to eat, I might add.
And WOW to the flowered one. Holy buckets that's a work of art!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhhhh........and there's dragon flies on that work of art! I'm wondering if I wanna jump ship and go for a slice with a dragon fly on it.

Decisions, decisions...LOL

And of course, I'd one the slice from the bottom--a big one of course....with flowers and a butterfly AND a dragon fly.

Definitely greedy, huh? LOL

Dave said...


katherine. said...

thank you kindly from over the pond....glad to know you harbor no ill

(and you are NOT a miserable cow...sheesh)

I, like the view, still said...

nope, no ill feelings whatsoever katherine!

dave sorry to disagree, but Ms Mel is not greedy

mel you look after that fella, d'ya hear? I know you do really. . . and in the meantime, have as much cake as you want!


dave I don't know, is it?

zigz it's quite scary, isn't it - being July already. . . maybe it's a sign of getting older (YIKES)


craig hope you and your buddies enjoy/ed drinking it


mig the hours you keep laways fascinate me! XXX

shot thanks - I need as many as you've got goin'

dinahmow actually, no - I'm back in hospital again


but thanks for asking XXX