beautiful rhythm

remember, a while ago,
when I was contemplating the life of a phoenix?
possibly not,
why should you recall all that I jabber on about?
(I was singing a different tune then)
well. . .

. . .the above is my new perch

it has very good views!
I hope you'll join me there



'Shot said...

Tuesday again. Warm greetings and lotsa love.


Don't keep us in suspense. What's the latest on the young actress?

Malc said...

Just catching up and hope the new view suits you.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it's not "the place" I was thinking of.

mig bardsley said...

Wow! fabulous views!
Yes please, any time :)
And hugs :)

Steg said...

Looks good from the pic, hon!

Mel said...


Tell me there are stairs.
Have I ever mentioned my.....issue with elevators?

Yeah, well......I have an issue with elevators. LOL
NOW I've mentioned it.

Care to share where this wonderful view is?
Oooorrrrr...maybe you have and I need to read some more!

<--going to do more catchup reading!