and here is the news. . .

the "good" news:

here is a box, a musical box, with it's various secrets inside and you lovely lot wonderin' what's in it 'n' all, has almost reached 10,000 page loads. . .

(well, that's not necessarily "good", but it's all relative, eh) (my other blogs total 44,000 - dave's birthday blog being extremely popular with google searches for all sorts of things to do with John Travolta and John Wesley)(even tho I got the wrong Wesley brother, as dave pointed out on the day)

ILTV has almost reached 5,000 profile views (I'm astounded!)

(similarly, not necessarily good, but you know how much I love statistics, small things pleasing small minds etc etc)

the wonderful mig shared some love with me!

do help yourself!

erm, *scratches head*, hmmmmmmmmm, think that's it on the good news front

ho hum

the "not so good" news:

I'm back in hospital again, having more ECT and they are not letting me out

(noone reads blogs on a Friday night, especially in mid-summer, so I can winge on pathetically without fear of upsetting the readership)


007and a half said...

I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time, and glad that you are getting some help. I wish you all the best, cyber-chum xx

Rimshot said...


Just call me Noone, I suppose.

I, like the view, still said...

d'ya know what - noone was reading all evening. . . so I go ahead and have a little winge in my sorry-for-myself-corner, knowing that it is self indulgent and won't get me anywhere but thinking to myself (in my mad head) "but that's exactly what a blog is for, to get it off your chest and out of your brain" and two of my favourite cyber companions show up. . .


but now I feel guilty on top of pathetic


Sorrow said...

Back in the bat cage?
here's a (((HUG)))
and some (((LOVE)))
and I shall try and figure a way to get you a get out of gloom places Card..
be gentle with you..K?

mig bardsley said...

Oh I'm so sorry :(

Nothing wrong with a good whinge anyway. It's allowed and you even have a good reason for one. We don't mind you telling us about the sad things one bit. If it helps even a little it's good.
Glad you got the love but, well, love isn't always enough.
So I hope very much that the ECT will help more.

Love and hugs. (Thinking of you, even on a Friday night :)

mig bardsley said...

Oh and Goodness ! Nearly 10,000!

Z said...

So sorry. All the best.

Mel said...

<--is Friday afternoon in Iowa.

And I'm a habit--first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Sooooo.....technically, you're just plain stuck with me.

I don't imagine you're a happy bunny......but you're a safe bunny tonight, under the care of a physician who obviously cares about your wellbeing.
As do I.
As do we.
As we can......cuz we choose to.

Even the California AT&T one comes back for a reason.
My reason is simple--it just plain matters to me. YOU matter to me........
But you knew that.

10,000 huh?
That's a whole lotta love yaknow.

((((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))

Mel said...

BTW.......about that 'pathetic winge'.

Obviously a novice!

<---is a Pro. LOL

*HUGE hugs*

Practice, practice, practice? ;-)

Rimshot said...

hmm, so what would make the sad bunny happy (or less sad (or just not sad without having to substitute any other state))?

perhaps one of us has a key?

dinahmow said...

No-one #2 here! Actually, it's Sat. am and I'm off to the shops in a minute, but just thought I had time to invite you to my new place

Jeepers! I thought you couldn't have more ECT on account of the memory thing?
Ohwell, maybe your sad bunny will be like the Velveteen Rabbit (and I'm sure you read that one!)and be turned into a proper one.
Give yourself a hug.

Gordie said...

Oh, honey... what a sad little bunny. Well, it's all part of the process, and I guess you're still in it. And we're still with you, too. Just go with the flow.

Are you going to tell us anything about what happened? Did they decide to section you this time? Was the Famous Footballer missing you?

I hope the POV's are feeling okay about this, and are being looked after, and somebody has told them your latest news so that they understand.

Did you do something scary? Did something happened to make you scared? We just want you to be safe, and get all the help you need. And I think your insurance company should be asking for a discount by now.

Did The Teen get a date off the lady policeman he fancied? Did you tell your Blind Date that you're not available for the opera at the moment? Do you even remember that you've been dating a guy? Oy, this could be complicated....

Thinking of you, and sending you the love and good karma. Say hi to the big Indian guy.

Gayle said...

Before you call me out...

Gayle, here (also known as Anonymous G) and a friend of our Mel.

I see you're a very sad bunny. I've read your comments to mel over many months, and now your blog and I think you are quite amazing.

I do pitiful very well. I'm not as good about putting it in words..

I can see how very loved you are.

take good care.

(Bunnies are my favorite!)

(Now you know I'm American)
('cause I didn't say favourite)

Sending Friday evening thoughts of peace....

Donnnnn said...

Crap! OK make a rope out of bedsheets and lower yourself down around 6 am when the nurses change shifts...

I'll be disguised as a dashing fellow in a tux and driving a red convertible..wouldn't want to attract any undue attention..
we can go straight to the airport and Her Majesty's Secret Service would be pleased to drop you off wherever you'd like with a new identity, papers, and wardrobe.

press 'ctrl/esc' for yes.

Dave said...

As far as I know, the only reason for blogging is to moan about life.

And to wish me a happy birthday, of course.

Malc said...

Hope you're getting the help you need. I'm still trying to work out who the famous footballer is - I'm thinking Italy 1990.

Love and hugs from the Far North.

Steg said...

You whinge away if you want, sweet! God knows, I do enough of it.

At least with your internet access there you have a support network with you that isn't restricted to visiting hours.


Mel said...

((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

*waves to Anonymous G*

(she's very very awesome'll love her bunches and lotsa....) :-)

katherine. said...

damn...its tuesday...I gotta learn to keep up