The Treatment

well, according to one of the nurses, I'm "cheerier" than I was upon arrival. . .

(which, to be perfectly honest, wouldn't exactly be difficult, as I was somewhat miserable it has to be said)

she also told me that I was "less scary" than I had been. . .

ho hum

yours truly. . .
surely not!

quite possibly. . . but not anymore - a few volts or milliamps to the brain a couple of times a week and smiles all around, eh

smiles masking the bewildered looks of "I can't quite remember. . . " everytime someone asks you something that you would have known a couple of weeks previously, that is

that's probably a small price to pay for a sunny/ier disposition, tho, wouldn't you say?

apparently it will come back in time - my memory; whether it will be accompanied by scowls or whether the disposition will remain bright, I wonder. . .

l0sing one's memory is very strange, because you can't remember what you have forgotten! so you don't know what you've forgotten until it becomes pertinent to a conversation, interaction or discourse; it must be a little like premature senility. . . only you're very aware of the issue

and things seem less important all of a sudden - whether that's my memory or The Treatment, I don't know

and it doesn't seem to matter, either!


Rimshot said...

I'm cetainly pleased to hear you have the ability and opportunity to smile! As to the rest, are we considering this a good thing, a bad thing, a success, simply a change (which might be a good thing)?

Does anyone play board games anymore?

I, like the view, still said...

well, thank you kindly shot

as to the rest, your guess is as good as mine (we do sometimes play board games, chez moi, but more often than not it's card games)

Gordie said...

Y'know, I'm not sure that I want you to forget how scary you've been lately. I think I'd rather you faced up to that one...


Mel said...

I'm glad/relieved to hear what the nurses are saying.
Sometimes I had to rely on the feedback of the people around me--I wasn't exactly 'objective'.

The 'scary' thing--that's a bit of what everyone around you has been getting to feel.....but I think you know comes with that helplessness of wanting to get in the way of the runaway train and knowing you don't get to.

Less scary=very good :-)

Less scary=fewer letters in the word ver

Just sayin'.....

mig bardsley said...

Wise Mel.
Very wise.