the one in which ILTV goes AWOL

on Saturday I got myself in such a state, that I walked out. . .

. . .all the way home

I don't think I was supposed to do this, because by the time I'd made myself a cuppa, the police turned up

no, not The Police (which is odd really, seeing as I had already chosen the tune for the day by then, so that would have been a nice coincidence. . .), but Her Majesty's Finest. . . two of 'em, young enough to be my children, at my front door. . .

'kay, so I suppose I should have mentioned to someone here that I was off. . . might have been the polite thing to do

ho hum

that wasn't where my head was tho - not that I was being rude. . . dunno what got into me really - I told The Nice Officer that I hadn't been sectioned, and thus was perfectly entitled to walk out if I felt like it

her colleague checked on his transistor radio that this indeed was the case:

"The lady
hasn't been sectioned."

just then the van turned up. . .


I think they would quite like to have repatriated a mad-woman back to where she belonged for want of something better to do on a Saturday afternoon (guess the football season is over, eh) - no such luck! of course, when XCH and the boys turned up a short while later (they had been in the middle of a Chinese, apparently)(yes, it was lunchtime) there was a little more serious conversation and then The Nice Officer and her colleagues left us to it. . .

(altho, they did whisper to The Teen that if mum and dad ever argued, he could always call on them for help) (I had already explained to TNO that XCH and I didn't have that kind of relationship, and in fact were very amicable) (The Teen could barely bring himself to make eye contact with The Nice Officer) (he probably fancied her!)

the most amusing part of it was the message on my mobile from the nursing staff here for my psychiatrist, detailing the fact I'd gone AWOL and that the police had been called and that the "Missing Person's Procedure" had been followed (don't think part of that procedure was to leave the message for him on my phone, but there we go - nobody's perfect)

the most worrying part of it was going to church this morning and talking to one of my good friends and inviting her to see my new house and her saying "erm, I've been over three times already. . ." and realising quite how badly my memory is being damaged by the ECT


Gordie said...

I'm fascinated by the habit you have of keeping the details of your life private, and then revealing important facts on your blog as an aside, in the midst of something else.

Like you told us you were "in somewhere", and they were giving you ECT, but this is the first time you've acknowledged the question of whether you were there of you own free will, whether you could come and go as you pleased, and what happened to get you in there in the first place.

(The details of which are important to me, but which I am too polite to ask unless you volunteer it, because you're entitled to your privacy.)

And now I'm also wondering about your 'getting yourself in a state' yesterday, because I imagine that I would be feeling some quite strong emotions if I were in a place where doctors were giving me ECT, and you seemed to be quite placid and accepting, by contrast.

But anyway, you know I'm fascinated by you... this is just why I'm fascinated today.

Apart from that, I think that doing the polite thing and fancying a woman in uniform, are both appropriate.

Did you go back after church, or are you still at home?

I, like the view, still said...

I'm back. . .

do you really want to know the full and gory details? cos I'm not ashamed and I'll spilleth them there beans, if you want. . .

. . .


dunno if "placid" is how I'd describe myself, and during Friday's hertz (or whatever these things are measured in) I bit my lip - which has proven immensely annoying ever since so I obviously didn't get the full OFOtCN's treatment or I'd have bitten down on a paddle!

I have my own private resus nurse, who is very sweet, who watches over me until I'm fully awake after the anaethestic - he goes sailing near Eel Pie Island and is familiar with my old mucker Trevor (Baylis)(but not as familiar as I used to be, back in the days)

I, like the view, still said...

(go on, I dare you - ask me!)(yes, I'm in one of those kind of moods. . . .)

Rimshot said...

ok, I'll bite...

Would you be kind enough to share the full and gory details? I'm fascinated.

Mel said...

OH....well.......what an exciting adventure you had!

I do hope it was a good day for a walk about and that you enjoyed the church service.
I hear it's blustery today.

<-- has AWOLed on more than one occasion from more than one part cuz I could
(yeah, I'm fiesty like that--but you knew that!)

Dearheart....I'm certainly not making light of the circumstances--undoubtedly your adventure scared one or two folks. The commotion that indeed laughable. Almost Keystone Cop-like and a bit surreal, I'm sure.
But I know people (including me) are concerned for you and about you.

Above all, I want you safe and well.
'Happy' will happen again, I trust that. Really...
Safe and well....HUGE things for me, and undoubtedly HUGE to the kiddos and XCH as well.

Details aren't required--to know you're safe and well.....that's paramount for me.

But........this enquiring mind wants to know..... DID you get that cuppa?

((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

No matter the decision--whether that's to follow through with the series or forego're loved and cared about vastly!

Safe and well.
This above all things, eh?

And yes please, I'd like if Kelly stayed! :-)

Dave said...

How odd. Having packed most of my CDs away, the only one I left out was Billy Joel. I've been hearing Uptown Girl quite a lot whilst working around the house.

You look after yourself. If you get any more female police officers looking bored, you just send them round to me.

Gordie said...

When you said "resus nurse" I immediately thought of a hairy woman who looked a bit like a monkey. :-)

Gordie said...

And you will still have all the same love and affection from me, whatever you say or don't say, but yes... I am in the mood for details. You've got angry with a few people recently, and I think perhaps with good reason.

dinahmow said...

I think of you, sometimes with concern and always with a smile.
Hey! I've got a Billy Joel on the deck right now.(Not Uptown Girl, though.)

ziggi said...

Here's looking at you kid! I'm thinking of you too.

mig bardsley said...

Everyone else has said it all. We do all care a lot about you and want you to be safe and to recover your happiness. To find some even. Very much want.

As for detail, I confess I went into shock for an hour or two when you first mentioned ECT. Then I didn't dare ask if it was voluntary or not, or what precipitated such a strong 'treatment'! (So I'm very grateful to Gordie for bringing it out :)

My mother had ECT. She had memory problems for a while and then they faded away. If that's any help.

For some reason, I feel it's a really good thing that you chose to go home when you got into a state.

katherine. said...

this is gonna sound like I am more being more flip that I mean it to...but I am glad you still had the memory on how to get back to your new home...


take good care of you

Gordie said...

Actually, Katherine, that is way cool. It makes me think the memory loss is quite selective... in a spring cleaning sort of way.