if you could pick one of those heads,
which would it be?

(mine's a little empty at the moment,
so I'd be pleased to have anything in it)
(apart from the cracking headache which is in it)


Kelly said...

Hello ILTV,

What an incredible person you are, all this going on in your life and you take time to give me (Back @ my kaleidoscope) such encouragement...thank you.

I confess I'm in awe of you clever bloggers, thus my contentment to lurk and learn.

Sending happy thoughts, to envelop you in a rainbow of hope and a peace that surpasses even your wish list!

Rimshot said...

I'd pick the one with the squiggly lines, but I think I already have that one IRL!

Sorry 'bout the headache...this too shall pass.

Mel said...

Yep, I knew I was likin' Kelly for really good reasons..... :-)

Pick one, huh?
The keyhole, I think--at least for this moment in time.

Ya know, if they'da had one with a bubblegun, there'da been no 'i think' to it. ;-)

mig bardsley said...

Sorry, I answered this in the wrong place. And I couldn't pick just one so I ended up with a head full of things.
I hope your headache is gone.

dinahmow said...

The scribbly lines are probably what I have in my head. Why gild the lily!

katherine. said...

all of them combined...utter chaos