well this morning, or afternoon as it now is, I was extremely disorientated by my ECT sesh

which was a little weird, it has to be said

and I've just realised that on my Seekers post of yesterday I didn't link to Puff the Magic Dragon, as intended. . . %-)

altho I have done now! :-)

and at some stage I've bitten off two of my nails :-(

and I have a headache boo hoo

and for some reason, I am feeling very very sad - which is odd, because ECT is supposed to cheer you up! ho hum

I suppose a good tune for today would be "the only way is up", altho I don't know if I can bring myself to post such pop trash - but apart from that, my mind is a bit of a blank. . .


Anonymous said...

Last night
I took a walk into the back of my mind
through the trash and the warning signs
there was a party full of jokes and clich's
I couldn't think of anything to say
and so I slipped into the men's room there
I saw my hair a way it's never been before
I took the stairs from my head to my heart
I didn't know they were so far apart
the heart is like a little chapel somewhere,
the pretty lights and the empty chairs
but I'm gonna bring a broom next time
I'll sweep out all the broken strings I find
She walks me down to my private train
and lays me down in my sleeping car
she keeps my elephant out of the rain
and sees to the care of my vintage cars
she is the blood of my life
without her I would starve
Who you gonna run to?
Who you gonna hide behind?
Who you gonna turn to
when there's nobody home but you?
What's a father to do
with all theses school-less injuns
running in circles around the wagons
What's a father to do
with all these monster debts
around my neck
on a sad sun deck
Oh, my children, the times are jaded
the simple life is complicated
oh, my children
Now if the dark of the night
arrives in the middle of the day
I'm gonna say my prayer
for sweetness and light,
gonna fix myself a Coke,
and hope it's alright
If the bat-winged beast sweep down
for a feast on me
I'm gonna pin my soul
to a hot-air balloon
gonna make it pop
and shoot me to the moon
Now you've had another piece of my mind,
a cup of coffee and a slice of time
if you'll excuse me I should say goodbye
I gotta go now.

Adrian Belew "1967"


Gordie said...

Respect to Craig for 1967. I think Puff the Magic Dragon is a very sad song, and a very good metaphor for age difference in relationships.

ECT gives you headaches. Every single time. I know its not nice; I just remembered it for you.

Rimshot said...

Did you ever see the film 'Memento'?

Mel said...


I know it's not loads of fun.
I know it comes with a stigma attached to it.
I know it's kinda scary stuff--if you give yourself time to even connect with that piece of yourself.

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))

People are praying for ya and sending the bestest they got--cuz you matter bunches and lotsa.

And nails are over-rated--just sayin'.......

Mel said...

Oh, but now PUFF the Magic Dragon!!.....

*going to give a listen!*

Gordie said...

Gordie <3's Mel. Mel is a suck free zone.

Mel said...


(((((((((((( Gordie ))))))))))))))

<-- decided you were a 'keeper' longgggggggggggg ago

We CAN keep him, right? :-)

Gordie said...

Some pictures of frolicking in the autumn mist (suitable for family viewing) on my blog now.

mig bardsley said...

My internet broke yesterday between one thing and another so I'm not quite sure when you wrote this. But sending big hugs just in case you could do with some now.