all quiet on the (south) western front

(that faint scratching sound you can hear is my nib on that old fangled
invention - paper - as I work thru piles of admin resulting from the move)


Dave said...

Oh good. One was starting to wonder what had happened to you.

Mel said...

Make that two?

<-- was chalking it up to that wild and crazy sleep over

Pen to paper is sometimes a fun thing!
(somehow I'm thinkin' this isn't one of those 'sometimes a fun thing' things....)

<-- doesn't know what Tiscalis is and sucks at lurking.....LOL


Rimshot said...

Ah, once more we find ourselves at Monday. Last weeks crunchies have been enjoyed and almost forgotten and this weeks are still too far into the future to be considered.

Until then, I hope you, your family, your friends and all who read this have a wonderful and blessed Monday.


Vicus Scurra said...

Damn. I could have sworn that the noise was you rustling around in your corsets.

Dave said...

Good Tuesday morning. Ignore Vicus, it's his age, you know.

Steg said...

"admin resulting from the move"

I feel your pain!