my left foot

whilst I'm not enjoying being in physical pain again, it does put a lot of things in perspective

which is a curious sensation

the weather has cooled off a little over the past couple of days, and altho I miss the sun at least it's giving my foot a break

I don't think I ever told you all about my foot, did I? I have spared you some of the more gruesome stuff of my life

*group sigh of relief*

at the moment it's covered in blisters again, a seasonal happening due to wearing sandals and no socks (a vain attempt to get a suntan on as much of my skin as possible - so really, I only have myself to blame) (as is the case for a lot of which happens in one's life) (wouldn't you say? well you have to, if you accept responsibility)

three years ago around this time I ended up in hospital on intravenous penicillin for ten days due to a blister on my foot (from wearing sandals); they eventually let me out because all the veins in my arms and wrists had packed up and there was nowhere else to stick the cannula

the good news at the time was that I didn't loose my foot and that the blood infection hadn't killed me - the doctor told me, when they discharged me, that it was the worst case they had ever seen in a foot and that the infection rate I had in my blood (when I arrived delirious in A&E at two in the morning) would have killed most people

they were quite worried about me and linked my body up to a heart monitor*, which I do remember despite the delirium

it was one of the various times in my life that I have escaped death

it's the kind of episode that makes me think I'm here for a reason, altho that too could be delusional and only makes me think of The Hof Factor (which we used to talk about on my previous blog) (and the above picture does not illustrate in any way) (and altho I don't like the hair under his arms, I think this guy has a nicer chest anyhow)
and anyway The Hof is actually this guy, not the one on the soap thingy, and suggested, kind of, that coincidence and/or serendipity is nothing more than an occasional clustering of random events - to which, as humans (especially those with a large corpus collosum - see the bit on sexual dimorphism, which I think explains A LOT OF THINGS) (including your post yesterday, craig) we like to attribute significance, hence serendipity
(and explains a little about blogging, methinks)
The Hof also said this:

"I'm someone
who has one foot in the world of humanities and arts,
and the other foot in the world of science."

which I quite like, cos that's how I feel sometimes (despite the blisters). . .
*what would it show if they did that now? my emotional pain? or is that in my head?
anyhow, enough about me, I've said all of this before (apart from the bit about my foot) and I probably said it more clearly last time. . .
how's your day?
have a crunchie!


Mel said...


Now ya KNOW I click on links.....
Nope, didn't notice the armpit hairs.....LOL....obviously!

What were we talking about again?

katherine. said...

ya know....If I had one of those soap things (the hidden one) I would have VERY clean hands....

I do not believe in coincindences...but I do believe in serendipity

craig andrew said...

Good morning!! C:)

Rol said...

That soap dispenser is the most disgusting thing I've seen this week.

I just blew it up large and pinned it to the wall in the office.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

rol did you follow the link to the naked one? it's much better. . .

craig good afternoon!

katherine :-)

mel if it were me, I'd get a razor to the guy. . .

craig andrew said...

I hope your foot feels better... I hope your tooth feels better... Anything else? C;P i have been barefoot too much and my feet are starting to crack, but I got lotion on them just in time... Other than that, nothing interesting here.


I, still, ♥ the views said...

I'm back in my socks and lumberjack boots, so the foot is swollen but the blisters are healing, thanks for asking

my face is agony


and it's working it's way around my tooth to my ear and the inside of my eye socket and behind my temple. . . need a relaxing massage!

I had PMT last week and now I have period pain

(well, you did ask)

I do a very good foot massage (I know you didn't ask that, but I thought I'd tell you that anyhow)

have a good rest of day


(ouch)(it hurts to smile)

Gordie said...

I have had a day of art, science, humanity and blisters.

mig bardsley said...

If the dentist took the offending tooth out and it's still giving you pain you probably need antibiotics! If he didn't, he ought to. Meanwhile, I hope you've still got some of that clove oil. It's probably good for blisters too.

(I've always said extraction is the fastest, least painful and cheapest method of curing toothache)

Thank you for the crunchie :) the virtual ones are so good - they don't hurt my teeth!

mig bardsley said...

Oh and the linky guy has a better colour. Though I'm a bit concerned about his joints, particularly the odd one across his waist.

dinahmow said...

The trousered dispenser? Not a turn-on to me...think of the endless laundry!
Sorry to read about your foot. Just make sure you keep up you fluid intake.And for Pete's sake, stop tap dancing on bar room tables til it's healed!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

dynamo I don't really like it, but I knew someone would find it funny

how did you know I'd been dancing on tables. . .


mig some men are just weird

(actually, barney and The Brit excluded, and possibly dave and vicus, I think they all are)

he did an emergency root canal extraction - I have to go back on Mon for the full Monty - and I'm currently pumping myself full of antibiotics (which is probably helping my foot too)



gordie I think we need to know more