for shot

Ow! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Unemployment's rising
In the Chigley end of town.
And it's speading like pneumonia;
Doesn't look like going down.
There's trouble at the fire station;
Someone's had the sack.
And the lads are going to launch a scheme
To get rid of Captain Black.
Tell PC McGarry
To get himself a mate.
And arm themselves with C . Gas
They're gonna be out late.
We've had calm conformers in since 1966.
And now subversion's in the air
In the shape of flying bricks!
Someone get a message through
To Captain Snort
That they better start assembling
The boys from the fort.
Keep Mrs. Honeyman right out of sight,
'Cause there's gonna be riot
Down in Trumpton Tonight.
All this aristocracy
Has really got to stop.
We'll overthrow the surgery
And kidnap Doctor Mop
And the Chigley Militant Socialists
Will storm the market square
And make plans to assasinate
Our autocratic mayor!
Windy Militant rages past
With corn grinders to war
With windmill sails and bombs with nails
They smash the town hall door.
But Snorty and the boys arrive
With one big erstwhile crew
Whereupon they bring about
A military coup.
(there is another song about Going Down To Trumpton With A Cargo of Cocaine, but I can't find the lyrics!) (note from the photo: the full cast only included one woman, and she was a real moany old bag, with a baby in tow - perhaps she had undiagnosed post natal despression) (do you think I mixed up desperation with depression? I do. . .)


Rimshot said...


Gordie said...

Time flies by when you're
a driver of a train,
Speeding out of Trumpton with
a cargo of cocaine.
I get high when I'm
a pilot of a plane.
Touching down in Camberwick,
I’m stoned out of my brain.

Under bridges, over bridges,
to our destination.
Careful with that spliff, Eugene, it causes condensation.

Every saturday
I get the Chigley skins.
And they always smash my windows 'cos the home side always wins.

Time flies by when you're
a driver of a train,
Gonna get my syringes out
and crank up once again.

Malc said...

FANTASTIC! Thanks for the reminder.

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I, still, ♥ the views said...

glad you boys are having fun!

dinahmow said...

Trumpton? As in: "Hugh, Pugh,Barney McGrew,Cuthbert,Dibble and Grubb" from the Fire Brigade?
And they always finished with a band concert at the rotunda.

(Hobbles back to the Old Fogies' Home...)