more from the concrete few square yards. . .

so I can't sit in the swingseat, as it's been raining buckets and the wood is soaked

at least I remembered to bring the cushion in last night; it looks like it might be sunny this morning so maybe the wood will dry out later and I can go relax in comfort (not that sitting here, doing this, isn't comfortable)

two of my three best oldest girlfriends from Uni, who were my bridesmaids, have checked in - which is lovely (oldies but goldies, them both); dave sent me a very thoughtful card, which was sweet (and even vicus got in touch!) (well, not literally speaking) (oldies and greying the both of them, I suspect - altho I don't have the proof, it's just a suposition); my newest friend - Patrick - has checked in (he didn't know today was today, until last night). . .

The Teen said I'm "lame" (his response to my crying if I want to!) (he thinks I have the mind of a child) (I'll take that as a compliment) (but he's angling for the day off school tommorow, so he's restraining himself)

Middle One, who lives in a world of his own a lot of the time - which saddens me, as he is so lovely and I wish he'd invite me in - has forgotten what the day is. . .

Smallest Person is still fast asleep, I ought to get my act together and pack her lunch and wake her up

ho hum
I'm not all here, really

it seems strange that from tomorrow I'll be a homeowner again, so excuse me if I am somewhat distracted; all joking apart, I'm not overjoyed about the situation to be perfectly honest, but I just have to make the most of it, eh?

SHE wrote to me, which I thought was quite timely, and wondered if I wanted to go see her again, and I need to think about that - perhaps the paragraph above suggests it would be churlish not to. . .

and last, but not least, there is a squirrel sitting on the fence in the back yard looking at me very strangely!

pinch punch
first of the month
and no returns. . .


Vicus Scurra said...

Can I just remove a possible ambiguity? I do not think that Dave and I were two of your best oldest girlfriends, neither were we bridesmaids. At least, I wasn't. Dave, on the other hand, has always looked very fetching in an ankle length pink dress.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

of course you may, it would be my pleasure



Gordie said...

Let me know when your worst and young girlfriends get here.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

thought one of them was with you already


Mel said...

*HUGE hugs and lotsa warm and wonderful peacefilled HAPPY thoughts for you today*

Teens are teens (they're a breed of their own, yaknow).
There'll be hugs and singing and pinches, I'm sure.
Go in the other direction---pounce on their beds, wiggle like crazy and sing offkey---


Make noise.......blow bubbles--go getcherself that pasta machine, indulge!


Happy Happy Birthday!

<---singin' loud and offkey, of course

ziggi said...

Happy Birthday Dahling, what I wouldn't give to see Vicus and Dave in pink dresses!

mig bardsley said...


As I'm doing this all backwards I'm not quite sure what time of which day it is over at yours but I think, for once, I'm not late!