locked out

I'm in the pub down the bottom of the road

no, really. . .
I am!
I am in a pair of grey socks, no shoes
my painting jeans and an old t-shirt. . .
I have no money, no house keys and no mobile phone
(hence no phone numbers to call anyone)
(and no fags)

I have been painting Smallest Person's room (blue) and needed to put some rubbish out (what this had to do with painting the room, I have no idea) (perhaps that was my mistake) (getting side-tracked) and popped downstairs and put the bag of rubbish out. . .

. . .and the front door slammed shut!

The Teen is alseep in his room (he was out last night and didn't come back until lunchtime) (I didn't ask) and Middle One took the opportunity to slip in and play on some console or other

neither of them have heard me shouting thru the letterbox, neither of them heard me ringing on the door bell or knocking on the door; I've borrowed the pub phone to call them, but our home phone is on the ground floor and the boys' rooms are in the gods (don't know their mobile numbers, but their phones won't be switched on) (barely remembered our new house phone number, if truth be told)

I had to have the locks changed for the house insurance, and have not lodged a set with a neighbour (haven't got a spare set yet) or hidden the one spare key somewhere clever; there is no way of breaking and entering into the house; window locks on all windows; no access at the back. . .
I'm at a loss
I sat on the front step for about half an hour
before coming down here!

now, if SP were around, she'd have wondered where I was after about twenty minutes and I'd be back in the warm again (she's not); but the boys can exist without me for hours on end

until pangs of hunger stir them into some kind of action

thank goodness I made friends with the barlady and the landlord!
free coffee and a comfy sofa and use of their internet
until I work out what to do next


ziggi said...

have supper in the pub and go home tomorrow lunchtime!

Rimshot said...

It sounds like a wonderful adventure! I'm curious as to what you're using for internet access to blog about it. Just happen to have a laptop with you whilst taking out the rubbish?

If you cut the power to the house, that'd get the POVS's attention I'm sure.

Why does your blog hate my WP account?

I, like the view, still said...

ziggz and sleep under a table. . .


shot the pub guy's computer! (perhaps he could be persuaded to rig up wi-fi, then I could spend all day here with my own laptop. . .)(another day, I mean)

the house power is just inside the front door. . . where I am not

when I write a comment, there is an "OpenID" option, that has a little symbol third along for WordPress. . . does that not work for you?

the boys will be getting hungry soon, I'm sure - might have to wander up the road in a min and see if there are any signs of life

Anonymous said...

Are you home yet? LOL! This is really funny... at least from this angle. C:)

mig bardsley said...

Oh look! I only went away for a couple of days or four and you've moved in and got locked out! How long have you been out there? I'm worried cos it could have happened any time in the last four days!
I hope the boys get hungry soon!

Mel said...

Oh, TELL me you've made it back into the house.
Please, please, please......

Got a hose outside that'll shoot water to that story where the teen is....at least to the window? (graspin' at ideas....)
The police perhaps...they could sound their siren or shoot the lock in like in the movies! (k.....bad BAD plan...skip that one......)
How about a neighbor with a ladder?
(might be an option!)

Oh, PLEASE tell me you're back home! (mostly cuz my ideas SUCK....LOL)

(and I'll admit--been here done this.....and eventually did get in, obviously)