TGI..., I don't

it's now warm enough for me to sit out in the swing seat first thing in the morning - altho I have to keep running in and out later on in the day to collect the cushion if I leave it outside, to save it from getting wet in the frequent April downpours
this morning I was thinking about something someone texted me before xmas: "people like you deserve to rot in hell" and I was thinking "thank g*d I don't believe in hell"* (because I was also thinking TGIF NOT!) (because I don't like Fridays)
(*which some people might find slightly paradoxical)
I think my spiritual beliefs, well I know, because they are mine, stretch from a continuum of this reality into the infinite. . .
. . .an infinite set of possibilities that doesn't include a hell - how can a belief in the divine include hell? well anyhow, I think that's rhetorical, as I don't "do" religion here (but participate in the view swapping/sharing if you wish, as I also don't do "telling you what can or can't do" chez moi)
anyhow my train of thought has been rudely interrupted, to coin a phrase, by SP actually awakening spontaneously for a change and arriving downstairs unprompted wanting to chat
so I'll catch you later
in the meantime, have a Crunchie!


Dave said...

I do have an answer, but as I don't really do religion on the net, I'm not going to comment any further.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I hope you helped yourself to a crunchie anyhow

they come with no obligations whatsoever

bit like blogging


Mel said...

I have an answer, too.

But.......seeing's how I'm busy indulging in Crunchies---

*happily chomping away on the Crunchies*


I, still, ♥ the views said...

help yourself dearheart


ziggi said...

Crunchies are yummy aren't they?

Thank you

May just have to pop out now and replace this reality with a 3D version!

Rimshot said...

(abstaining from comment on beliefs)

Ooh, Crunchies! Thank you most kindly and gratefully!

Why don't you like Fridays?

I, still, ♥ the views said...

ziggi they are indeed - I nibble the chocolate off first and then savour the cinder toffee (my fave bit, as I'm not hugely keen on chocolate)

shot: happy Friday, good sir. . .

1. abstinence is good for the health


2. the crunchie is my pleasure to share

you're more than welcome

3. cos my children leave me for the weekend

it's like having my liver pecked out over and over and over

it's a reminder of my mistakes and regrets and things in my life I have no control over

it makes me weep weekly and I feel weak as a result

but I have to be strong and accept responsiblity for where I am and why and - most importantly - for them

I'm getting there and when Ido it'll be a happier place, but right now IT SUCKS bigtime


Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))

mig bardsley said...

Are there any crunchies left? I know I'm a bit late :(
(I've got nothing to say about hell but somehow I don't think it comes with crunchies)