someone saved my life tonight

so I was having a terrible terrible nightmare, one of the ones that doesn't end, where you are trying to run away and either can or can't but if you can you do and end up back where you started only at a deeper level with more terrible terrible things happening and even in the dream it was all getting a little too much and I tried to run away but it became a nightmare within a nightmare and then I realised some truly awful was going to happen with some pieces of Lego

and woke up
to the sound of Smallest Person listening to the radio, whilst she read way past her bedtime

and she was duly chastised, for whilst I approve of reading past bed time it is not done with the main light on and the radio playing late night music in the background - no siree, bob - it has to be done with a flashlight under the sheets, if it going to be done at all

I'll tell her that bit later, or the boys will
needless to say I was a tad befuddled, it was one in the morning, light were blazing all over the house (are we doing our bit for the planet? I ask the children, whose planet it will be one day, on a daily basis and just get a mouthful back from The Teen about how we grown-ups and our parents ruined it, and he and his generation are supposed to clear up our mess) so I came down for a headclearing cuppa and a calming fag. . .
to comments clicking into my inbox
from the lovely
who I'm now imagining in a sky boat, anchor casually dangling over the edge should she wish to hook onto a passing cloud, or perhaps bumping into one like a ship into a fluffy sandbank. . .


Dave said...

Ah, that Lego. You need to watch out for that.

Good morning.

Mel said...


*whew* Gladder than glad you awakened...and gladder than glad it was to the wonderful Mig's visit. (oh and she's back with some BEYOND awesome photos and stories!)

And wouldn't anchoring into a cloud be such a dreamy thing to do..... *happy sigh*

mig bardsley said...

It's the way it swallows the hoover (lego)- or is it the other way round?

Lovely to be back Sweetheart and now I'm off to look for clouds singing things from Rubber Soul and Paul Simon and getting the tunes all mixed up :)

mig bardsley said...

Oh and hugs to you and to SP for saving your life :)

Anonymous said...

Stop running and start putting the Lego's together... but that was just the crazy thought that ran through my head just then. C;)

Give my hellos to SP and have a great weekend C:)

I, still, ♥ the views said...

craig I think the problem was that the Lego was GIANT and I was this little bitty person, about to get totally squashed by it. . .

will do, you too X

it was you that saved me mig! hugs to you. . .

it's a lovely thought, eh, mel!

exactly, dave

mig bardsley said...

Any time :)