pistols at dawn

so Patrick and I, we're calling him Patrick now as opposed to BD, are going out again tonight

a local jazz club that I know about, he'd heard about, I frequent, he'd like to go to, my suggestion, he was keen. . .

wow - doesn't take someone long to get a real name, huh (and actually, not many people in my life have one of those around here) but Patrick suits him!

Patrick passed on a message this week from Keith. . . an apology, thirty years on; I guessed what it was about on the third go of naming the individual concerned (first go, actually, when I knew he was referring to an XX)

at 14, I was a tall leggy straight haired blonde (with braces that made me look like Jaws when I smiled) (so I didn't very often)

the XX in question was a shrimp with curly dark brown hair (but no braces)

. . .teenage boys are so shallow, I realised in my 20s - when I had beautiful teeth, a lovely smile, long long legs that reached from the ground to my armpits. . . and I kept the company of real men who could imagine being wrapped up in them. . .

(see, I can do rude now dave's gone on his hols!)

I'm quite sure she (the shrimp) had other qualities (she must have done right?)

anyhow, of course what I actually needed Keith to apologise for (which he'd probably forgotten, being an XY and thus not understanding the female psyche) was his assertion that I needed to chop three inch sections out of my legs

because I was too tall

I should add, at this point, that the man hasn't grown - he's still a short arse, with all the accumulated baggage that Short Men carry with them. . .

(ok, I'm using a little artistic license here,
but it's my blog so why ever not)

. . .not that I'm bitter



more later - I'm going to have a coffee and a calming fag and think about what I'm trying to say, rather than have it splurge out onto the keyboard and ruin your image of me as a nice person. . .


Rimshot said...

On behalf of men everywhere, I'm sorry. We were wrong and it's all our fault.

...and I used to like the name Patrick until now.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

too little, too late


I'm only kidding!


(he's a little nervous of you, actually. . .!)

Mel said...

Apology accepted!

(Not that it was mine for the accepting--
I'm just doing the math on the number of times it was 'suggested' I wear flats instead of heels.)


Vertically challenged people are funny.

I need to go re-read the post.
I kept trying to replace the name with "BD" and got royally messed up. LOL

mig bardsley said...

Poor foolish little man :)
All the men on one side of the family were little skinny things until they got to about 18. Then they all shot up into great big strong blokes.
It did wonders for all of their egos :)

Rimshot said...

"(he's a little nervous of you, actually. . .!)"

Is that 'you all' or 'you'? And if the latter, good.

Mel said...

Sooooooo.....how was all that jazz?


Steg said...

Yes, what Rimshot first said.

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa!

Steg said...

". . .teenage boys are so shallow" - shallow? Your average teenage boy has so much emotional depth he makes a small puddle look like the Pacific Ocean. Or was that just me...?

I, still, ♥ the views said...

steg now I have one, I kind of get it - it's the testosterone thing of thinking you own the world except without the experience of life that makes you realise you don't

but I do get it now. . . as I said "too little, too late"

I'm sure the same applies to teenage girls, only i wasn't going to admit that here (!) but my mistake was not realising that it was HE who was too small and thinking it was all MY fault

I, still, ♥ the views said...

so I guess I'm kinda apologising too

*blushes humbly*