friday fun and games

well, unless there is a sudden rush later on today, it seems that rock paper scissors has been narrowly beaten as the game of choice, by good old fashioned street chalk and bubbles
here's the real thing:

and a pavement bimbo (who reminds me of my synchronised swimming days - only my thighs were/are slimmer than that, I'll have you know)(and I had/have a better suntan)(these things are important. . .):

I've lost my lovely image of the gotcha girl, so here are some ordinary bubbles instead (altho how a bubble could ever be ordinary, I don't know - they are so magical):

and while I was looking for bubble images, I came across this (I need a new vase!):

since I don't have a vase, I might go out into the back yard and cut some of the flowers that have come up from the bulbs I planted and just stick them in a glass anyhow. . .

whether you have flowers
on your desk or not,
I hope you're enjoying
the spring sunshine today


Mel said...


Well, the sun's just peeking up over here and (go figure) it snowed yesterday so the ground's all white (AGAIN!).
But I'm surely going to go forth into the day with dreams and hopes of enjoying it!
That's the only way TO enter into it, dontchaknow.
Well, the only smart way to do it (for me....)

Dave's treating us all to crunchies?!

Mel said...

OMGosh, I was sooooooooo excited about 'Dave's treat!' that I forgot to grab the sidewalk chalk and bubbles and have at it!


<---has bubbles in her purse, ready to go (for those 'boring' moment in Administrative meetings, dontchaknow!) (and for anytimeIfeellikeit--which is often and predictably unpredictable)

AND CHALKS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

No sunshine,
no flowers...
just rain... C:(

and more rain.

But, at least I have an excuse to sit at the confuser C:)

Rimshot said...

A splediferous and glorilicious Friday to you, dear I,S,LTV and to all your friends and loved ones, virtual or other.

mig bardsley said...

I enjoyed it lots, thank you dear I. And then the daffs and the bubbles and the gorgeous vase and being reminded of the amazing pavement painting man (who is he? I can't remember)all made it a perfect ending to the day :)
Now going to roll a fag and wander outside and enjoy all these lovely things.

dinahmow said...

Ooh! Daffs! Thankyou; we don't have them in the tropics. But 'way out west of here we have opals, which look a bit like those bubbles.(Well, they do if you've just drunk a vase-I mean glass!- of bubbles.)

Dave said...

A postcard with camels on it arrived today. The idea of somewhere warm seemed quite appealing as I sit here shivering.

Good morning.

Mel said...

Sunshine and 60 degrees happened yesterday......and the swing appeared on the patio.....and suntea got made.

Alas--no sidewalk chalk (it's sorely in need of a good wash), but it's threatening to do similar today so it COULD happen!! Woooooohooooooo!!

But giant bubbles DID happen!
HUGE, gigantic, mammoth bubbles!

Mangonel said...

Ooh, Julian Beever! He's so clever.

Dave said...

Monday morning wave.