bored? let's play

this morning was going to be a great start to my day the clocks have sprung forward and I was hoping to wake at a reasonable hour (instead of five, at which I have been waking for the past four or five months or so), only the boys forgot to put the cat out last night and at a quarter to five it pissed on my duvet and the dripping onto my toes of something warm and wet that then turned cold and damp lurched me from my slumber (I was dreaming about a cycling holiday) (and very enjoyable it was too) (the dream)

so the sun hasn't risen yet but the birds are singing beautifully and altho the sky is filling with the Shepherd's Warning of a wet day ahead, right now all is not lost: it's wonderful out there

I made funny face shapes on the concrete by my feet with the shadows of the hand that was holding my fag, from my smoking step, backlit by the kitchen, I was thinking about a patient with split brain syndrome - do you think someone could play Rock Paper Scissors with themself ?

and that got me to thinking about board games Scrabble in particular, and the time Brigitte, one of my French exchange friends, was over - the Easter before her Bac - and we played bilingual Scrabble and Brigitte won by a mile and my mother then looked up all the French words Brigitte had used and was furious because she'd cheated on almost every single one of them (but not as furious as when she caught Brigitte smoking in her bedroom)
I was also thinking about an article in New Scientist a couple of weeks back, about our still basically caveman brains and how they can sometimes fill with hormones and drive us to do things which in other circumstances we otherwise wouldn't consider doing, and later we might look back and think "what got into me?" "that wasn't like me at all" "why didn't I follow my gut instinct?" (anyone who's been reading long enough knows what a gut instinct is)
the point of the article was to explain that everyone experiences multiple personality syndrome at some stage or other - it's part of the normal continuum of brain activity - which I suppose is why I was thinking about the split brain person - which isn't on the spectrum of normal by any means - playing a game on their own. . .


ziggi said...

when we act out of character are we really acting in character, the suppressed, one or is it really just chemicals?

I yelled at my boss on Friday, normally we're friends and I wouldn't dream of it but he'd been an arse; today I feel guilty cos he's a nice chap, but part of me (the yelling part) thinks I might do it again . . . :)

Dual personality, time of the month, or the real and horrible me emerging?

I, still, ♥ the views said...

the multiplicity that is being a human. . .

and as far as I can work out, the chemicals have a lot of (or if not all) responsibility - no matter how evolved we think we are

Dave said...

We fancy playing around.

Steg said...

I occasionally play chess against myself. That makes me doubly dull doesn't it, if you'll pardon the alliteration.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh......I was so excited to answer the quiz that I've had to go back to re-read this post.

And I had something to say about testosterone and estrogen, but that's escaped me and I've gone right into shadow puppets on the wall.
But now I need coffee so my right mind can wake up a bit and find a bit of order to the swirlies goin' round and round and round.... LOL

Just a smidgeon of why two pots of coffee are required before I'm allowed near human beings! :-)

mig bardsley said...

I am very very bad at card games.
Except Cribbage.
And I'm pretty awful at most board games too though I used to play chess (never had the attention span to play against myself though, I think that's extraordinarily clever!).

I think I'd need a big dose of chemicals and an alternative personality to change any of that.

I do like the stones in a cage though :)

Anonymous said...

IF I'm on my own for too long I play games with myself in my head. Not real games either. Imaginary games. What a schizo.

I spotted the simon and garfunkel lyrics out of the corner of my eye and thought it said 'I've got my boobs' instead of 'books'.