SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . .(e)

I was s'posed to go see SHE yesterday

I didn't

the scary woman actually phoned me up instead. . .

now, I don't usually answer my phone to avoid exactly this: having a conversation with someone I don't want to talk to (erm, that would be, like everyone) (anyone) (not that many people phone me up) (on account of noone knowing my number) (my way of avoiding having to answer the phone) (I figure if it's important, they'll phone back) (anyhow)

but I have had to recently (answer the dog 'n' bone) (on account of buying the new abode) (all sorts of people think they have a right to talk you when you are making a major purchase. . .)

anyway, SHE phoned, I didn't know it was SHE, I answered. . .

SHE said SHE'd see me today

I said I'd think about it

so I thunk and when I texted (see, I can do texting, cos you don't have to talk to anyone) to say "OK", SHE texted back saying SHE was no longer available


but I took her advice and did something constructive instead with my morning

. . .I went OUT. . .


YIKES - it's scary out there. . . I won't bore you with it, apart from to say that the highlight of my trip OUT was the multi-storey-car-park-ticket-machine that said "have a nice day" when I left

hope you
have a nice day!


sorrow11 said...

I'm giggling
I'm smiling
you see my "she" left today...
and i haven't done a bloody thing ...
well okay
I read a bit
and figured out how to you some new computer software
but it was peaceful
I don't have a phone either....

Gordie said...

So; today you used three different machines (four if you count the car) (no, five if you count the blog)and you also spoke to a person. And that was the scary bit...

Mel said...

<---hates phones.....*sigh*

(secretly wishin' I could not answer and be away from people all weekend least!)

And I had an interesting experience, clickin' on an old link that used to lead to places well known....
And while I had it up (no foolin'.....all the way through November showed up!) I snagged photos that stayed put.

Let me know if you'd like me to post them/send them on? 42 salavaged--1.04MB.

Weirdest darn thing.....
But I snagged 'em and copied 'em to my desktop!
Don't ASK me why--'cept perhaps cuz you were sad that you lost them? Yeah......that's why I snagged 'em. I'm kinda like that! LOL
The 'imagine' photo...and even the ones 'stitching messages' ones.

VERY weird........

I, still, ♥ the views said...

mel what's weird is that I had reconciled myself to their loss. . . but actually, if they are not "lost" I could reconcile myself to that too!

please send whatever you have

and thank you



(was the "imagine" the fuzzy felt one?!)

gordie yup, even considering my techophobia


sorrow :-)

mig bardsley said...

Oh How marvellous! I never thought of someone else having stuff saved that my computer lost!
Well I laughed and laughed at the car park machine. It's so like a car park to wish you a nice day when you've been out!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I lost your wonderful rose petals and raining cats 'n' dogs too. . .


Mel said...


Picasa Web Photos!
Ya know that Picasa Web Photos saves all the photos you post? You signed up when we all got assimilated to that 'new blogger' thingy.

k.....if you go to your 'dashboard' and to the right there's a 'My Account' link which takes you to your Google Account.

If you click on the Picasa Web Albums link it takes you to all your online stored photos that ya posted on the blog.

k....... Lemme know if that works?
Or maybe you can get Dave to help ya cuz he's handy like that! can let me send off what I nabbed from my google reader doing weird things.
And yep, it was the fuzzy felt 'imagine'. And I'm thinkin' Mig's rose pedal one was one of the photos that showed up, too!