in no particular order. . .

I realised how ANGRY I am - it was dreadful, my mother used to say to me: "you're not cross, you're just tired" and pack me off to my room. . . I'm not good with anger

I realised I already know how DESPERATELY BEREFT I am and don't want to think about it anymore. . . thank you very much

I'm f*ing PETRIFIED at the moment. . . of saying and doing the wrong thing, being the wrong person, moving in the wrong way when I have a small choice - it's crippling me to the point where I cannot move or say or do anything out of the fear of doing something wrong and making a mistake I can't put right

and as for GLAD, there are happy moments. . . small ones, but it's like I'm looking at them thru the wrong end of a telescope

or thru a periscope - rather than experiencing them for what they truly are: the good bits

so, after day two of The Homework, I stopped thinking and writing

and I haven't really done much since, but it's Friday now - so help yourself to a Crunchie and enjoy the happy moments of your day. . .

because there will be, there are some -
small tho they might seem
you being here,
(even the people
not really paying attention
but just sidling in and out at the back
gently and quietly)
with me, is one of mine
thank you!


Mel said...


Dangit......commented in the wrong comment place.......

*hangin' head*
Guess that means no crunchie for me.....


Gordie said...

If fear of being wrong made a person happy, you would be one of the happiest people I know. Try, if you can, to lose interest in whatever might be wrong, and enjoy :
your desire to do the right thing;
your joy in moving in the right way;
your committment to being the person you always wanted to be;
your love of being able to make a difference.

I, still, ♥ the views said...


Gordie said...

What's up, sweetie? (apart from you, at 5:48 on a Staurday morning.)