no, not the love and kisses kind of XXX - you know I send you those with every word that I write here (yes, even to the silent people lurking at the back). . .

not even an
X Marks The Spot X

(I do have a great Banksy image of one somewhere, but I can't find it right now)

the eXCHange kind. . . it occurred by the end of the month, as the sellers requested, so in mid-May I will own my own house*! (the first time I've owned a property in my own name since 1990) for those of you familiar with the English/Welsh legal system, you know what an effort it is; for those of you not, I won't bore you with the details (so you can breathe a sigh of relief)

if I was allowed bubbly in combination with my current medication, I'd be cracking open a huge bottle of Laurent-Perrier Rose (can't do the accented e either, shot) right now

but as it is, I'm not (but there is a Hubbly X instead!)

so I'll settle for a cup of tea instead (Twinings Afternoon if you want to know the minutiae of my life) (which I'm sure you don't) (or maybe you do, since you're reading this) (in which case, it's with a splash of milk and three sugars please)

*should have written "home" really, shouldn't I?

hope your Friday went as well
as could be expected

.now, where
did I put those Crunchies?


Rimshot said...

YAY!!!! Happiest of dances!!!
Congratulations dear I,S,LTV!!!


I, still, like the views said...

I'm a little shell-shocked right now, to be perfectly honest - the implications of this for me are HUGE. . .

. . .but on the +ve side, the creative potential is universal (hence the addition of the Hubble image!!)

I, still, like the views said...

but thank you for your happy dancing - I'm enjoying watching your groove

mig bardsley said...

A tiny step for estateagentkind but a giant leap for I,S,LTV :)

Congratulations indeed dear I and Oh such lots of wishes for happy homeness and universal creativity :)

(Oh you did mention crunchies :)

sorrow11 said...

A Home
A home of your very own
How wonderful
How scary
Welcome to the magic
the wonder
the frustration..
BEST wishes
with lots of X's....

dinahmow said...

The "own home" is a very steadying kind of "medication" isn;'t it?
You have the Twinings and I'll have the vino! Here's to you.

(Maybe, "here's lookin' at you, kid...")

Mel said...


*doing happy dance*


Oh--now, paint and paper and lights and pretties!
And patio swings!
And flowers, flowers and more flowers!

Ohhhhhh....what a happy moment!

(find the cable, dangit! LOL)

((((((( ILTV ))))))))

*doing more happy dancing!*

Mel said...

......oh.....and yes please--one Crunchie for me!


Dave said...


Malc said...

Nice one! I'm dead pleased for you.

. . . and THREE sugars? On top of all that Crunchie? Heck!

Steg said...

We may beat you to it. They tell us late April for a time for us to move out of this Council accommodation into our own house. Scary, ain't it?

No crunchies for me, ta. But if there's a Mars bar floating around....?

ziggi said...

when's the party??


Mel said...

Oh! OH!!!
A house warming party!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did someone say party? there is more snow on the ground and I am feeling the need to fire up the magic carpet...


Gordie said...

Congratulations x x x

Mel said...

Happy Mother's Day, ma'am!

(((( ILTV )))))))

Anonymous said...

THREE SUGARS!! You'll be bouncing off the walls all afternoon!

I can't wait to own my own HOME. I'll paint it just the way I like it and fill it with magical people.

Anonymous said...

you're magical, you can come if you like. We can compare homes. It'll be amazing. HURRAH!

Anonymous said...

Phew!!! mel scared me for a moment. It's only Mom's Day over there. So, have a happy one... Mom's Day that is. C:)

Dave said...

Aren't you talking to us?

Mel said...

Gosh.......we've ate all the crunchies and are scramblin' to put together party bags for the house warmin' over here.

Well, mostly cuz we're eatin' the stuff that's suppose to go IN the party bags....
....some of us.....no names mentioned, of course...

mig bardsley said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.
I expect you're a bit busy what with the effort of all that exchanging. Hope it's going well

Mel said...

Yep. I'm certain that's it! All those papers and things to tend to.

No worries.....we'll just hang and eat the gift bag goodies. Whatever's left.
Which ain't much cuz SOME of us were really hungry.....

Again--not mentionin' any names....

*thinkin' of ya*