what the head doctor said

erm, I took notes. . .

  • something about control (as in taking control of the aspects of my life that are within my "control"; making decisions or deciding not to make them; not being paralysed by CH's inability to decide)
  • something about uncertainty (as in the bad news is often not as bad as waiting for the bad news/dreading the bad news - and the anxiety/panic that waiting/dreading provokes in me)
  • something about deadlines (as in, agree with CH a deadline - so that I'm not sitting about waiting in an "uncontrolled" fashion for the bad news, but know when he will get back to me with a decision)

erm, I think. . .
as I said,
I took notes,
but possibly not very pertinent ones


Gordie said...

Something to do with... erm... me being.... erm.. what is it that I need that CH isn't very good at... erm...

Maybe take a tape recorder next time? (or a microphone you can stick in your iPod?)

Rimshot said...

Screw the tape recorder, I want to see the doodles and drawings in the margin (if indeed they were limited to the margins).

mig bardsley said...

I once had an idea that doctors and patients should both take notes and then swop them to check if they both said what they thought they said.

The middle one reminds me of a thing I heard once about how people are more afraid of the fear they feel than of the thing they're afraid of. I found this quite helpful when a visit to the dentist began to loom :)

I'd like to see the margin doodles too :)

ziggi said...

I think that looks like a good plan to me!

Mel said...

Yep, the anxiety around the not knowing is oft times worser than the truth (for me, that is...)
I'm blamin' my creative imagination.

Change the things we can, eh--now there's a novel idea!