and finally. . .

. . .someone
very kind*
shows me how to use my new laptop
and how to download pictures
from my phonecamerathingy. . .

shiny Christmas baubles in the back yard!
amongst the spring flowers!
and the swing seat (minus cushion)!
and a view
of the back 15 square yards
from the first floor:

*apparently the invoice is in the post: might review the term "kind" when it arrives - but it was about time someone got something working around here!!


Dash said...

Aaaawwwww the magical swing seat!

Your yard looks bright and happy and ready for spring. Lovely!


ziggi said...

I love, love. love that seat!
How wonderful your backyard looks.

Rimshot said...

Yay! Photos!

Your yard is infinitely larger than my back porch. And oh so cheery and colorful (mine's currently covered with the fluffy water).

mig bardsley said...

Oh pictures :) Lovely!
The seat makes me think of a boat, upended and waiting for a new voyage.
What wonderful BIG baubles!

Mel said...

More! More!!
Hang 'em from the trees and toss on some fairy lights!

*happy sigh*
What a magical little corner.
And what a cool swing...

And you have flowers!

I know it's there, under all that whitestuff....really.....I'm sure of it.....

MORE! :-)

(I'm sooooo greedy! LOL)