more from the back step

so I couldn't sleep and came down before six

where is Patrick Moore when you need a personal guide to the pre-dawn sky? the stars (the few I could see thru the London Town light pollution) were twinkling like twinkling things - and as for the birdsong, well I've only seen blackbirds, pigeons, seagulls and robins, but there must be a thrush or a nightingale somewhere out there


can't beat birdsong in the still of the early morning, can you. . .

it is peaceful, relaxing and inspiring all at the same time; stimulating - but asking nothing of you - merely for you to be part of the hush that creates the backdrop for the tunes

there are a few whisps of high cloud now in the East and they are that favourite colour of mine: sky blue pink, streaking from North to South across the horizon, criss-crossed by plane trails from East to West

the rooftops on the horizon are inky black and it reminds me of those pictures we painted at primary school, where you create a colour wash sunset on the whole page and then when the colours are dry you add in a black silhouette of office blocks and chimneys and church spires

the key to it all, as in much of life, was the timing - if you tried adding in the black before the colour wash was dry, you'd end up with a yukky mess - sometimes patience is a virtue, even tho one might be keen to get on. . .

have a lovely day y'all
if it's anything
like the start of mine,
it'll be a good one
PS it is Friday,
so I'll be back later dishing out the Crunchies!


Dave said...

*waves, in the gloom*

KAZ said...

If I'd had that lovely experience* - I wouldn't have wanted Patrick Moore to be anywhere within a hundred mile radius.

*you describe it so well.

I, still, like the views said...

he's very sweet KAZ (we were on familiar terms when I was in my late teens/early twenties)

I, still, like the views said...

GWS dave XXX

Steg said...

Very early birdsong, just as they start up. It echoes through all creation.

Mel said...


Ah yes...I remember the sound of birdsong. We're still doing winter silences and I'm looking forward to the return of birdsong.

But the stars are brilliant and we've had a good show of Venus dancing around.
And Orion is magnificent this time of year.
Yep....what's here makes up for what's not--plus some!

Now, about that crunchie....

Rimshot said...

Stupid birds and their incessant chirping and just riles up the squirrels who add to the cacophany with their chattering and senseless scolding.

Don't they know there are people trying to sleep?

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with a classic 70's travel music montage going through my head... you know, like in the movies when the characters were traveling to some melancholic music playing and you could see their bell bottoms and five mile long collars blowing in the wind as they made their way across the country. C:)

mig bardsley said...

What wonderful things you find. Stars and birdsong and mermaids.
I hope you had a lovely day too :)

mig bardsley said...

Er, crunchies did you say?