it's a kind of magic!


Dave said...

Was going to write something witty here, but my eye hurts.

So do my kidneys.

ziggi said...

ooooo we'll be away together! I hope after the NY bit we will be somewhere hot - will you be there too?

Bon Voyage!

Rimshot said...

Be safe, have fun, laugh and enjoy your holiday!

Malc said...

It's all run by a team of superhamsters on a very big wheel. You thought the London Eye was a tourist attraction, didn't you?

Mel said...

*chuckling* It'd be futile to give instructions for 'behaving' in your absence.
We don't 'behave' in your presence, for goodness sakes.....
Well, SOME of us do.
(not mentionin' names, of course....LOL)

And yup....magic.......
Ain't it cool?!

sorrow11 said...

additive or subtractive?
I am never sure what i am getting,
especially when things go PFFFFT!
~smile and shrug~

mig bardsley said...

Definitely not behaving.
Just hoping you're having a good and wonderful time :)

Mel said...

*humming happily*

Of course it's the Beach Boys--fitting for the snowy and icy day we've had today.

HOW that's fitting, I have no clue!

I do hope you and SP are having a gorgeous time in the sun.

(no offense.....just envy!)

craig andrew said...

Are you there yet? C:)

I, still, like the views said...

well, bugger that!

I just wrote a really long reply and the machine cut me off

I, still, like the views said...

it said, something along the lines of

I have a few minutes "off"

SP is having a pedicure

kids of today

yesterday she was up on stage singing and dancing during the evening entertainment)I have no idea where she gets that from)

the keyboard is in Spanish and I havebñ´t a clue what´s going on (see what I mean)

the night before there was a Beatles tribute band and I sang along to every song and she had her head in her hands muttering "mum, you´re so embarassing"


(ta da da da daaaaaaaaaa)



my money is running out again. . .

(oh, and something about it being really really unseasonably hot and me being burnt to a cinder already)

Homo Escapeons said...

I voted for Patience.
I distinctly remember corresponding with you on a previous excursion. That was fun.

Free your mind and the rest will follow!
Remember that one?

Dave said...

Enjoy yourself at Butlins.

Mel said...

*waving happily*

Hullo, hullo!!!!

We've MISSED you.
Well, I've missed you...suspect I'm not alone in that, though.

And we're 'behaving'....mostly......
Unless you count that mess over in the corner from the fingerpaints. (it'll wash from the walls, eventually....)
Oh.....and the popcorn fight. But noone was harmed!


*waving at SP*

fathorse said...

This is how I feel about cars. I ge tin 'em, someone gets in the business seat and they magically take me places. I look out of the window all the way but I couldn't give anyone directions or tell them where I'm going or where I've been...

david mcmahon said...

That's wonderful!!

I, still, like the views said...


(from the Canary Island of Fuerteventura - for that is where SP and I landed up)

hope you're all doing well

XXX Jacqueline

Mel said...

Canary Island......

*looking at snow drifts*

Somehow, I don't think you're missin' snow and cold and drizzle and ackiness......

mig bardsley said...

Fuerteventura - would that translate as fiery adventure?
Still not behaving over here but jumping up and down waving and missing you lots and hoping you and SP are having a wonderful time (Not too fiery)
I'm so glad to hear SP is developing a proper sense of the embarrassingness of mums. It's an experience all parents need (But I'm glad you got a few minutes off :)

Steg said...

A Canary island? I won't lower myself to make cheep jokes (see what I did there!) about it, I'll just wish you a lovely time on the paradise isle of Farteventduehere.

Sorry. Schoolboy humour.

Mel said...

It's suppose to get to a whopping 27 degrees fahrenheit today!

Can you make suntea in 27 degree weather?

JUST askin'....

Mel said...

Is she back yet? Is she home yet?

*missin' ya!*

(trying to be non-envious of your sun and surf time....failing miserably...LOL)

fathorse said...

YAY! You said canary!

I like it when that happens ...

*smiles privately to self*