Mel said...


What a great site--the photos and the music.
Himself even had to peek.

mig bardsley said...

Spellbinding. Thank you for showing us that. Absolutely wonderful.

ziggi said...

Wingwalking! Wouldn't you love to do that!?

Beautiful place,

bit like Wiltshire without the sea


Dave said...

I'd prefer wingwalking to almost anything I have to do at the moment.

Sorry, ma'am. I'm quite heavily drugged-up too.

dinahmow said...

Oh!You are still here! And you are alright. I was concerned, but Ziggi gave me your new link. Dave mentioned you, too.
Isn't it lovely to have such friends?
Now, about that pub down the road from Putney Bridge...mine's a glass of house red, thanks!

I, still, like the views said...

dynamo it is WONDERFUL to have such friends

do you mean The Duke's Head, or The Cat's Back?

the latter is gorgeous and has mermaids and stained glass and late night lock-ins with dancing on the tables (so I've heard) and the former is now a gastro purb

can I get you to something from the Marlborough region of NZ? as a treat? "peppery and raspberries" it probably says on the winelist (that'll be the gastro pub). . .

think we better settle for The Cat's Back, eh?!