dylan, the crazy rabbit

le manege enchante


Gordie said...

"So close, and yet so far out... "

Mel said...

*puffing up proudly*

I know who they are!
Cuz *I* got to see videos last night.

And some bad comedian making fun of the theme music...himself chuckled through that, too.
Did I understand half of it? Nope.
Didn't matter--it made him laugh and that's good.

I, still, like the views said...

somehow I don't think any of us did

but maybe that was the point

a bit like a blog then


Gordie said...

I love the way Eric Thompson wrote the scripts by watching the film with no sound and scribbling notes about what he thought was happening. Very 60's.
According to his daughters, he also held serious conversations with babies in prams because he said they had to start somewhere. They were not to be patronised because they were little and hadn't lived as long as he had.