Don't go changing, to try and please me,
You never let me down before,
Don't imagine, you're too familiar,
And I don't see you anymore.

I would not leave you, in times of trouble,
We never could have come this far,
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times,
I'll take you just the way you are.

Don't go trying, some new fashion,
Don't change the colour of your hair*,
You always have my, unspoken passion,
Although I might not seem to care.

I don't want clever conversation**,
I never want to work that hard,
I just want someone, that I can talk to,
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew,
What will it take till you believe in me,
The way that I believe in you?

I said I love you, and that's forever,
And this I promise from the heart,
I couldn't love you, any better,
I love you just the way you are.

I don't want clever conversation***,
I never want to work that hard,
I just want someone, that I can talk to,
I want you just the way you are.
as sung by BARRY WHITE in his very dulcet tones****

* oops. . .

** I do, I love clever conversations - that's why I like you lovely lot so much

*** I do, I really really do!

**** cos I know y'all can't stand Billy Joel. . .


Rimshot said...

I do so very much appreciate your inclusion of the Barry White version rather than that drunken SOB Billy Joel, if only for variety's sake.

dinahmow said...

Ah! But I am of the age for whom the Joel version was written (Actually, I'm even older, but I still like Mr. Joel! Mr Rimshot is entitled to his personal preference. )

Dash said...

Actually, I quite like Billy a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way!

(I reserve the right to deny this at any point in the future to prevent myself from being mocked).


Mel said...

At least I'm in good company when I say I enjoy Billy Joel.

He did write the song--but perhaps it's my passion for drunken SOB's? LOL
Now THAT--could be true, huh?

And thank you--we'll take you just the way you are, too.

Steg said...

Barry White always reminds me of getting ready for school at the age of about 8. Mum would have the Wogan show on Radio 2 and somehow, in my head at least, the esteemed Mr White seems to fit in that period.

Mind you, so do The Carpenters and I much prefer them to Barry White.