no, not the song, the day
when I was walking from the shops with my groceries
my heavily laden arm brushed against a raggle-taggle honeysuckle plant that was wending its way amongst the hedge above my shoulder

it smelt wonderful!

and a little further along the road I was walking my legs brushed against some lavender that was just coming into flower and had been planted so that it stuck out towards the pavement from under the railings of the space at the front of the house I was walking by

it smelt wonderful!

and then from under the gate of the back garden of one of the houses on my way home, I saw the snouts of two bloodhounds and as I walked past I looked back and saw their eyes curiously watching what was going on in the road from which the gate barred their meanderings (if indeed bloodhounds meander)

they looked so sad. . .

. . .but I think that is just the way
that bloodhounds look

and then when I'd almost reached the house, I heard some birds chirruping in the clear blue sky above me

a beautiful sound!

and then two of my three had a series of fights and arguments which lasted the whole evening and I went to bed exhausted and stressed and I completely forgot about the four little things that brought a smile to my face during my day

but I still smiled as I eventually drifted off to sleep because those I love those three so much and everyday I think how blessed I am to be taking care of them



zIggI said...

kids eh? Bless their irritating little souls!

Mel said...

Honeysuckle, lavendar, bloodhounds and chirpping birdies......

And three lovely human beings to love.

*happy sigh*

Blessed indeed.

(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

I, Like The View said...

blessed indeed ladies



Anonymous said...

honeysuckle and lavender are two delightful wonder-filled fragrances... :)

katherine. said...

nice to fall asleep with good memories from the day...