oh darn

or, rather, stitch. . .

so - having done a little picture research to find the image for the above, I now find this:

and these. . .



katherine. said...

you want help?

as in helping to decide?

okay dokay...
let's see...page one:
the daffodils
the tree of life

page two:
the tudor rose and thistle.
the pansy

page three:
strawberry thief

(only 52 pages to go....)

they have a wishlist thingie

Mel said...


<-- headed for page 4.

Seems like the least I can do. LOL

I mean, afterall, Katherine took care of the first three, nice person that she is.....

Mel said...

Don't bother--it all morphs into cross stitch of the counted kind.

Not that counted cross stitch isn't cool--did my fair share and gave it all away.
OH....'cept for that bitty square enclosed in glass of the seashell.