doctor! doctor!

give me the news. . .
so, having outgrown The Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle, having seen Every Single Episode Ever Made of Futurama and South Park, not quite sharing my obsession for Frasier (altho still probably having seen ESEEM) but working their way thru all the available Scrubs, my three are now obsessed (yes, "obsessed" is the operative word) with House MD. . .
. . .let me indulge myself with some visual candy for a moment
hmmmmmmmmmm. . .

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

so that last one was just a shot of Cuddy's cleavage,
but there you go)
I think he is my perfect man
(of course, Niles still hits the tops spot really, I'm just a tad distracted in all honesty) (and, back to House, I can't help thinking that really the acting of the main character is just Laurie doing a very clever combination of Jeeves and Wooster) (just probably not being the operative word - the man is clearly very talented and has been for a long, long time)

anyhow, less of that
yesterday I went to the Royal Academy's 241st Summer Exhibition
(of which more later)


Dave said...

He reminds me of me.

I, Like The View said...

Jeeves and Wooster combined?!

I, Like The View said...

or something to do with the blue eyes. . .

Rimshot said...

House M.D. is my very favorite show.

Anonymous said...

I should just creep away quietly, saying nothing...
But I will come back to read what you saw at th'Academy.

Mel said...

New obsessions are kinda fun. I think?
I can hope?

<-- does not watch television

(could stand a good dusting.....)

Vicus Scurra said...

Have you noticed that all of the best shows have Brit actors in the lead.
House. Lie to Me. The Wire. Life.
Tim Roth is such a good actor that he doesn't have to bother learning an American accent to do the job.
Not that I fancy any of them, you understand. Although I wouldn't mind being mirandised by Damian wotsit's partner in Life.
There. You have no idea about that which I speak, do you?

Mel said...

Vicus has been talking to himself.....

I'm almost sure he has no idea about that which I speak....LOL

Happy Monday!

zIggI said...

hands off, he's mine I tell you!

zIggI said...

That Damian Whatsit is quite nice too for ginger old etonian.

starbender said...

I no longer watch any TV. I'm in the dark about most things anymore, unless they are on-line!
I really don't miss it....

I, Like The View said...

star I didn't watch it for years. . . now I share the same space as my children, so I look up everynowandagain from whatever I am doing and watch what they are watching

they watch online as well - perhaps when they run out of things to watch they'll want me to teach them how to knit

or perhaps not!

ZigZ Damian who? you can have him if I can keep House!

Mel (see below in my answer to the lovely Vicus )

Vicus no! no idea at all. . . and I don't even know what the word mirandised means


Mel I had a closer look and the tv was indeed covered with dust - it's not anymore!

dinah I will write about that soon - needless to say, it was wonderful!

shot it's brilliant, eh! so, Cuddy, Cameron or 13?

Mel said...

Silly woman....I meant the television in this house. *laughing*

*I* checked--it was dusty. So I made a happy face on the screen.


Yup. LOL Just like that!

Donn Coppens said...

Vicus is right..Roth is geekily entertaining in Lie To Me...but those serious shows make me anxious...especially the 50 versions of CSI and LAw & Order.

I'll take Arrested Development and 30 Rock anyday...and Glee is coming Yippee!
Love Futurama, so under-rated. :)

Mel said... the moment, I'm singin'.

Doctor, doctor
Gimme the news
I got a bad case of lovin' you
No pill's gonna cure my ill
I got a bad case
Of lovin'

Your fault, of course...LOL

<-- now going to terrorize himself with the song....hahahaha

Mel said...


About that 241st Royal Academy Exhibition.....

Don't make me google it...


Welcome to Hump Day!

starbender said...

Yes, U got that doctor song stuck in all of our Heads!!!

katherine. said...

I never watched House until I saw that Rhiannon had the first two seasons on dvd.

so I stole them.

does it count as stealing if she see's me do it?

and reminds me once a month that I still have them?


Dave said...

I watched the Royal Acadamy's exhibition on Tv last night, so you don't need to tell us about it.

Photo of the back of my head now up, as requested.

Mel said...

Excuse me--everyone knows it's not all about's all about MEMEME. LOL
And I've not seen the exhibition.

*waiting patiently, singing the doctor doctor song...still....*