polo - the mint with the hole

or a game played on a horse

up arrow: the mint

down arrow: the game

so - I had an unexpected day out today! for some reason, I was invited to watch people on horses, charging about after a small white round thing, which the people on the horses kept whacking with sticks that reminded me of mallets and playing croquet. . .

(I'm thinking of giving up being blonde,
by the way)

no, really, I'm not posh - both polo and croquet are really out of my previous social boundaries (my current social status rendering me somewhat invisible to almost everything) (apart from doing this - which is all I need really!)
anyhow, the odd thing was that before I received the invite a tune had been going round and round in my head - first time for ages - and I was going to share it with you yesterday, but became sidetracked by household chores. . .


Dave said...

I shall always think of you as blonde though.

Dave said...

Oooh, you forgot to say it...

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

Mel said...


Now that's way more of an interesting way to spend your Sunday than mowing the lawn!

Blonde go bye-bye......it could work in your favor!

zIggI said...

polo's great fun and most players aren't posh - not round here anyway! And croquet can only really be played with flamingoes I thought? Does flamingoes (pl) have an e like potatoes?

katherine. said...

brunette could work for you!
or are you going red?

polo is interesting to watch...I am not much of a horse person...and definitely NOT posh.


mig said...

I like it when they swing the stick round and round.
One of my fave ever short stories was The Maltese Cat.