and while we're doing Ws

why oh why

is it that biscuits go soggy when you leave the top off the tin, and cake dries out?


Malc said...

Err. . . dunno. Best question this week.

Mel said...

Ummmmm.....they do?

<-- doesn't get cookies in a tin

<-- would LIKE cookies in a tin

<-- had gluten free cookies from a bag.

<-- lied. LOL

<-- had one bite of a gluten free cookie from a bag and promptly spit it out, half chewed (absolutely THE wrong texture and THE wrong colour....ick, yuck and gak!!!!)

<-- told the gross truth now...LOL

Rimshot said...

I still don't get the whole: biscuit, cookie, cake, digestive thing.

Dave said...

That is, I believe the technical difference, in law, between cakes and biscuits (one of which are VATable, one aren't, and a court case was taken by Inland Revenue over Jaffa cakes - cake or biscuit?).

zIggI said...

biscuits are vatable so if you leave the lid off can you reclaim the vat?

Z said...

Chocolate biscuits are VATable, but since a Jaffa cake dries out when left out, the Inland Revenue lost its case which claimed that the Jaffa cake is not a cake but a biscuit. A chocolate-covered cake isn't liable for VAT.

Z said...

Oh Rimshot, if you want to understand what the British know (as their birthright) about biscuits, may I suggest this site? -

Mel said...

Oh boy.... It's a cookie.


I'M gonna drool if I look this up.
That's okay....LOL..I'll blame Z.


I, Like The View said...

I love you all


mig said...

But what happens when you take off the lid of the biscuit tin of life?

I, Like The View said...

erm. . . everything goes a little soggy and then dries out. . .

. . .possibly

or you discover that in fact it might have been better to have left the lid on, whilst hoping all the time that eventually someone will come along and offer you a new biscuit variety entirely?