and so life goes on

on and on and on

which is probably a good thing, eh

and today the sun is shining really brightly, it warms my face

it's also drying out all the seedlings which have sprung up from the seeds I planted a month ago - the tap in the courtyard is leaking, which explains the puddle on the kitchen floor (but at least there hasn't been a downpour recently, so the damp patch in Teen Too's bedroom is not dripping), but having a tap makes it easier to water the pots of peas, sweetcorn, raddishes, cauliflowers, spring onions, tomatoes, sweet peas and sunflowers. . . all of which now need replanting into the next size of container up

I find it ridiculous to think that I've done all this when there is actually no garden, and yet when we lived in The Big House in The Village, with its huge garden, I barely did any gardening at all - but that's because I was off doing other things, none of which I do now

I wonder if the children even notice the courtyard plants - yellow pansies and purple violas, three different types of thyme (green, golden and silver), lavender and rosemary, the bamboo and the acer (a miniature Japanese maple, as above) and the olive trees. . .

I went out for dinner with them last night - a real treat on a Friday night - and then they went on to their father's for the weekend; when I got back here I sobbed and sobbed

but the warmth of the sunshine has dried my tears and is bringing a smile to my face this morning

I hope you are smiling,
wherever you are



Dave said...

Not got much to smile about, but putting on a brave smile for you.

Mel said...

Sweet peas and sunflowers. Bamboo AND olive trees. *happy sigh*

I was envious of Dave's garden.
And now I'm envious of those little pots that need to be repotted to the next size.

I wonder how himself would feel about me taking a spade to the small back yard and transforming it into a wee garden with bushes and flowers and herbs and a bench or two.
Oh--now my mind's dreaming!

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

Mel said...

Well...I shared the dream.

I got another cuppa coffee served to me AND got a pat on the head. LOL

Something about "This IS Iowa, silly woman..."

Dave said...

The cats belonging to the neighbours seem to believe I've got a wee garden, Mel.

Mel said...


But I can't think of a lovlier garden to wee in? LOL

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

I'll work on him. I'm sure there's 'stuff' that could survive our winters. (not having much luck with him---yet.....)

I do hope your Saturday proved to be as relaxing as mine did.

Mel said...

Ahhhhh...sun's shining and the birdies are chirping and--go figure--coffee's being had! :-)

GREAT start to a Sunday.....another great Birthday Month morning!

BTW--they do notice the flowers and plants.
And when they get to be homeowners of their own, they ring you and think you're the expert. *laughing*
JUST warnin' ya!

katherine. said...

I love a potted garden.

we have overcast and rain this week...go figure.

I'm glad you had a birthday dinner with the kids...and that you woke up to the sun.

zIggI said...

I planted out my sweetpeas this weekend - they seem to have survived just about!

Mel said...

Happy happy Birthday month to you!! I do hope you were gifted with another sunshiney day.

Sweetpeas....ohhhhh.. :-)

Dave said...

I thought sunshine was supposed to cheer you up. Hasn't done much for my mental state.

I, Like The View said...

perhaps you are depressed Dave (not that the meds do much for my state of mental health)

sweet peas are lovely Mel. . .

ZigZ my seedlings having sprouted, I have no where to plant them out!! YIKES!!!! will have to come up with a plan

katherine. we've had quite a bit of sun here, which means that I've had to do a lot of watering

Mel I'll keep that in mind. . .


Mel/Dave now our cats have learnt how to jump up the wall and out of the courtyard, they don't use their litter box any more. . .

Mel I love the things you share about life in Iowa. . . the contrasts of the seasons, the woods and river, the fields and shacks. . . it sounds wonderful from over here!!

Dave I've given up writing about how miserable I feel - altho I know it slips in sometimes

I just have to trust that one day I'll feel better - and I hope that you do too

in the meantime, I'm cyber hugging you - hope that helps


I, Like The View said...

(oh, and sometimes, putting on a brave face just doesn't help - better to confront it and get thru it)(just a thought)

mig said...

Perhaps the depth of your sadness after they left was a measure of the happiness of sharing an evening out with them?
Ah well, I'm glad you had the sunshine.