stop all the clocks

time is a strange phenomenon sometimes
it seems to speed up, slow down, stop. . . anyhow, this morning I was thinking about clocks and that (the Dali, above) was what came to mind - and the poem (under) (hence the lobster, below) and then I thought about Magritte. . .

and then it occurred to me that I never really liked surrealism after all - and I ended up dwelling on the lanterns in Carnation Lily Lily Rose instead. . .

I hope you have a good day



Mel said...

Yup. Prefer the lantern myself.

But I don't know why--other than it's pretty and much more pleasing to me than the others. Well, cept for the lobster phone which is kinda funky in its own way. Not that it would win over the lantern.

I'm rambling.

But the sun's up and there's the promise of a new day in front of me...with meetings and reports due and computery things to take care of.....

Where'd I put that small bottle of bubbles.......I think I'm gonna need 'em......

Scarlet-Blue said...

I've seen the Carnation Lily painting at Tate Britain and those lanterns genuinely glow.
I do like Magritte though.

katherine. said...

I am drawn to the lantern piece as is lovely.

I'm trying to imagine using the Lobster phone...laughing....

KAZ said...

I went to an exhibition at the Whitworth in Manchester last week. I found that reading the notes was fascinating but the works of art themselves weren't.
Not right is it?

Mel said...

Just came for another look.

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

And a hug, of course!

Mel said...


Interesting thing.
It'll speed by, it'll'll do what time does.

And it'll do all that while I have coffee.

Bless time for being cooperative about that piece!

donncoppens said...

I'd survive with sundials during the day and candles at night..
as long as I had a decent wicker ;)

I, Like The View said...

erm, wicker. . . you've confused me Donnnnnnnn (easily done tho!)

Mel coffee and hugs - the order of the day!


KAZ I think that as long as you can take something away from having visited an exhibition or a gallery, it was worth the visit - whether you liked the art or not; if you know what I mean

katherine. that picture is one of my favourite ever (the phone looks kind of cumbersome, doesn't it)

Ms Blue it is the most beautiful paiting! and The Tate (or Tate Britain as I think it's now called) is a brilliant gallery

Mel so, did you need your bubbles then. . .



Mel said...

Yup. I NEEDED the bubbles. Definitely gonna NEED something again today.


I well and truly do NOT like messin' up--

Dave said...

Is it hot cross buns tomorrow?

Mel said...

Oh....Hot cross buns!

I remember!! :-)

Hope Thursday treated you kindly!

Dave said...

Good Friday morning.

I, Like The View said...

well, it's a little late now for the hot cross buns, but my good thoughts are with you lovely people