sharing the good stuff

a friend showed me a couple of things recently

anyone else seen Free Hugs yet?
it's very sweet!

and as for Where the H*ll is Matt. . .
just marvellous!
(click on the YouTube link to enjoy)


Mel said...


Now that was good for the soul.
My soul thanks you.

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

katherine. said...

my friend Betsy is battling brain cancer...she has a theory about everyone...EVERYONE givng three hugs a day...

I will send her this video...thanks!

Sending you a Monday

Rimshot said...

I nicked the W.T.H.I.M. and posted it on my FB page. Wondrous stuff.

Dave said...

*Tries to remember when he last had a hug in real life. Fails*

I, Like The View said...

we're in the same boat Dave

shot really glad you liked it!

katherine. one would be lovely! three, a dream. . . I hope your friend enjoys the link

mel as we know, hugs work both ways - so thank you for allowing me the opportunity


Anonymous G said...

ah, that made me feel good.

thanks for sharing the hugs.

back ATCHA!


(((((the whole world))))

I, Like The View said...

hugs worth both ways, dear g, and that felt wonderful

thank you!