pinch punch

and all that

(says it all really!)


Mel said...

No returns, no returns!!

(isn't that whatcha say if you don't want punched?)

(or is that: You and what army?)


Welcome to April!

I, Like The View said...


no returns

therefore I cannot say "a pinch and a kick, for being so quick" nor "a punch in the eye, for being so sly"

it's April here for sure - blue skies and sun one minute, wind and clouds and a downpour the next!


happy day, ma'am

katherine. said...

these first day of the month posts seem to be coming along faster and faster....

Dave said...

It's after 12, so I'm safe to comment now.

Rimshot said...

Happy April, dearest View, to you and to all your readers

Mel said...

Yup..shoving snow off the chair swing on the patio.
It's April!


Mel said...

And I do hope you had a happy day!

Mine was filled with happy moments, scattered here and there....inbetween computer work and supervision with the boss....
RAWR!! ;-) wasn't that bad..LOL
I just like saying RAWRRRR!!!!

Betcha knew that, huh?

I, Like The View said...

Mel I can't get over the fact you're still having so much snow. . . rawrrrrr!

thank you shot and to you too

Dave glad you had a good synod

katherine. indeed they do