Give a little time for the child within you,
Don't be afraid to be young and free.

Undo the locks and throw away the keys
And take off your shoes and socks, and run you.

Run through the meadow and scare up the milking cows
Run down the beach kicking clouds of sand.

Walk a windy weather day, feel your face blow away
Stop and listen: Love you.

Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down Waltzing Matilda,
Carey loves a kinkatchoo, Joey catch a kangaroo: hug you.

Dandylion, milkweed, silky on a sunny sky
Reach out and hitch a ride and float on by.

Balloons down below catching colors of the rainbow
Red, blue and yellow-green: I love you.
Bicycles, tricycles, ice cream candy.

Lollypops, popsicles, licorice sticks
Solomon Grundy, Raggedy Andy,
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, home free.
Cowboys and Indians, puppydogs and sandpails
Beachballs and baseballs and basketballs, too.
I love forget-me-nots, fluffernutters, sugarpops
I'll hug you and kiss you and love you

La, la, la...
Love you.


katherine. said...

that was whimsical.

I always love the photos you select for the lyrics...

zIggI said...

oh see what a pain Katherine has already said what I was ging to say! Anyway " I always love the pictures you select for the lyrics".



Anonymous said...

i especially liked the old keys and the balloons :)

Mel said...

I especially like finding this here!

Brilliant -- every piece of it.

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))

I have sooooo missed you--and this.

Thank you.

*HUGE hugs and lots of warm thoughts being sent*

I, Like The View said...

backatya Mel! and more (cos if some is good). . . this is the delightful tune to a car advert

reminds me of the Beep Beep song!

very glad you like it


planetcity I always find locks and keys a hard one, because I can never quite get the image that I have in my mind - whereas some of the other pictures just spring out as perfect

(I actually wanted a hand holding balloons, but the colours are good, eh)

glad it made you smile

ZigZ I have no problem whatsoever with the fact that you thought the same as someone else!


katherine. "whimsical" is the perfect word


Sorrow said...

Well having read both of these posts, I know a little about where you are at, and where your head is at.
so here is a (X) kiss for your noggin, hoping that even in the dullness there is a bit of bliss, and here is a (HUG) so the view...

Mel said...

((((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))))

If some is good in the morning--MORE is good in the evening.


Toyota advert, methinks.

Honestly, I'd never heard the whole thing and it's just WAY brilliant.

*going to hit play again*


Sleeping with a smile is a good thing.....

Dave said...

Happy Thursday.

Mel said...



Mel said...

Busy busy busy Thursday---but a good one...all things told!

I hope it was a lovely day filled with awesome moments for you and yours.

I, Like The View said...

wasn't so much awesome, more manageably mundane. . . which is fine, I like manageable at the moment!

but I hope you had a good rest after your busy Thursday, Meland that you had a good day Daveand thanks for the X and the (), sorrow - much needed and appreciated

Mel said...

Well--manageably mundane is sometimes a very good thing..'specially when mundane has been elusive for a while...which it has been around this joint.....which would make it welcomed....which would mean it would be lovely and awesome for me about now!

<-- has a very creative way of looking at things sometimes. LOL

<-- blames lack of caffeine ;-)
(well--at least at this moment. Later I'll blame too much caffeine.)