and since we're doing C

Fraiser sometimes mentions his Chihuly. . . (the above is not Frasier's, but is similar enough) (I prefer the colours in this one tho, I must admit - couldn't find an image of Frasiers for today's Show 'n' Tell) and it occurred to me that I ought to know what a/who Chihuly was/is - and I do. . .

Dale Chihuly is the glass artist who created this for the V&A in London (one of my favourite museums, you might recall)

and then it occurred to me that this must be the same artist who created work that was displayed at Kew Gardens, a short way along the river from where I am. . .

but I only put two and two together because shot and sorrow mentioned Chihuly a while back when I was writing about something else
sometimes these things take a little while to bed in. . .

. . .a bit like life really

(sometimes I just wish it would hurry up and settle down tho)


KAZ said...

Wow - how come I'd never heard of Chihuly?
Well - I have now.
Thanks View....... Blogging is so educational.

Rimshot said...

It's just a fun name to say: Chihuly.
Isn't it?

Nothing for me today, thanks. I've managed to become home to a bug of some sort and am starving it out.

Sorrow said...

his stuff is almost erotic
or something..
moves in me..
color and and undulations...

Mel said...

Oh wow......

OH wow!

That's way cool. I love the colours. And I can only imagine the waters filled with glass balloons. How wonderful that musta been!

Yaknow....maybe there's something to that putting your pains in a 'red balloon' deal -- maybe it's about putting it in the glass balloon and letting the waters take 'em where they may.....

Be gentle with yourself, will ya please?
You're still growing.
Heck, I'm still growing.
I've gotten more practice than I prefer as of late--but I'm guessin' it's just me overlooking the ONE THING (or bazillion) that's good and focusing on the dozen or so that get more of my attention.
Tough not to give it my attention some moments. Squeaky wheel and all that.......

I imagine it's a bit like the gal who's gotta vacuum those three stories worth of rooms at that place by the water. She's busy feeling overwhelmed by the work and she's missing the balloons of glass in the water.
I KNOW the syndrome....


I hear ya....

(((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

katherine. said...

I love glass....
this guy's work is exquisite!

life settles down????


sending hugs too!

I, Like The View said...

thanks for the hugs katherine. - much needed (and they work both ways, dontchaknow)

Mel gently does it is the way to go right now, and thank you for your thoughts

sorrow I knew you liked his work!

shot hope you feel better soon - I'm still having the odd bad day beacause of the flu the other week

and the rest of it

you take care, you hear? I hope you're being looked after

KAZ well, it's mainly thanks to shot and sorrow that I finally put two and two together and worked out who the guy was (and then added in the things I'd seen in London but not made sense of) - so yes, blogging is an eye opener!

Anonymous said...

Dale Chihuly does huge multi-colored pieces that would blow your mind. He now orchestrates the creation of things in his shop.

Netflix has a disc showing him bringing two master glassworkers in from Italy to work together for the very first time -- Italian glasswork shops are fairly secretive in nature and usually don't let competitors
see them in actions.

Go to Dale's site to see more of his work: