"where there's a will. . ." (#2)

<------ finally gets to tick a boxbut what I don't understand is why when you cross things off the list there are always more items to add to it, so the list never actually gets any shorter. . .

well, reading that back I suppose I do understand

and this is my first response:


and this is my second response:

and my third response will be to put something enjoyable at the top of the list. . . .

is that allowed?

I hope your day wasn't as frustrating as mine. . .


Dave said...

I did several jobs today. Nothing very great (tidied the garage a bit, pumped up my car tyres, put the washing machine on, planted a few more seeds) but when you've been ill and find days go by with nothing productive done at all, the feeling that you have done something positive today is really good.

Actually, I did several jobs yesterday (finished building a greenhouse, put up a shelf, strung a washing-line) but that was at a friend's house, so doesn't count.

I feel tired now.

I, Like The View said...

I've been feeling very very tired for a long long time now. . .

am really wondering where the good feeling from accomplishing small tasks, and the bigger ones, is

am not feeling very good again, at all. . . and struggling with it something terrible

but I have to keep going because of the children, and for them I can't let myself have a repeat of last year

sometimes it seems it would be so much easier just to give in totally - but I'd only be back in the same state that I'm currently getting out of. . .

anyhow, I'm glad you have a friend

Dave said...

I love your fish, by the way.

Dave said...

I've got a pond of my own now.

Mel said...


The black guy is gonna STARVE at this rate cuz the other fishes eat the food before he gets to it.

Ohhhhhh....poor fishie!

No worries--I'll trick the others and he'll get some.

<-- knows that perseverence does pay off--

Which is what I'd say to you.
Please persevere.
Even when I don't feel like it--doing what's in front of me, chasing right things and doing right things, brings different.
Just not always as fast as I'd like it to be.

And boy HOWDIE, things are different today--but I do understand 'feeling' like they're not. That's how come I have to trust people around me and check out their perceptions--mine get screwed up...they just do. Probably that 'feeling' jazz, huh?

Oh...and frankly, my day wasn't one I'd wanna replicate or repeat. I had to do unpleasant things--which I don't LIKE doing.
I have brand spankin' new twistable coloury thingies and I'm breakin' 'em open!

*chuckling* And blaming you, of course! ;-)

If I could figure out how to make the colouring page bigger--THAT'S what I'd be colouring in!
However.....I'm thinkin' it'll be me and whatever colouring book strikes my fancy!
Snoopy, perhaps?

Mel said...



The little black guy got food!!!!



Wayyyyyyy cool fishies!!

Mel said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....so maybe he's dark green and not black?

Could we make him black so I'm RIGHT?



katherine. said...

I played with Donnnnnn's fish for far too long...and now you have them too....

I, Like The View said...

perhaps I should take a photo of the real aquarium, and show you the three new guys we have in it. . .


you have a Snoopy coluring book, Mel! I remember being Mini-Teen's age and drawing little Peanut cartoons. . . and Love Is too; I am persevering - I mean it has to get better as some stage, right?

here's hoping


Dave I don't think I've ever seen you write the word "love" before - you must really like the fish!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh...... AND I a special Snoopy one just for Halloween!!

Go figure!


Yup--anything can go to the top of the list, dontchaknow!


Well......ummm......cuz I want it to? LOL

mig said...

The fish are delightful.

Perseverance is good.

I don't see why every other item on a list shouldn't be enjoyable. It means more things to do but a higher ratio of enjoyableness to the other stuff has to be good.

I, Like The View said...

I'll have to find some enjoyable stuff then. . .



(aren't the fish fun!)