Pack up all my cares and woes
Feeling low, here I go
Bye Bye Blackbird
Where somebody waits for me
Sugar sweet, so is she
Bye Bye Blackbird
No one seems to love or understand me
And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me
Where somebody shines the light
I'll be coming on home tonight
Blackbird, Bye Bye
A while ago when I was young
I heard a song and heard it sung
Bye Bye Balckbird
I don't know why it makes me sad
A happy song should make me glad
Bye Bye Blackbird

Make my bed light my light
I'll arrive late tonight
Blackbird Bye Bye
as sung by PEGGY LEE


Mel said...

:-) there's one I've not seen in a long time. Or heard.
It's got the best soundtrack....

It's here---somewhere......


Blackbird.......bye bye.....

katherine. said...

hmmm...don't have the Sleepless soundtrack...

DO have the You've Got Mail soundtrack....

I, Like The View said...

I don't have YGM - the soundtrack or the movie

might have to buy the SiS soundtrack tho

ah - I do so like a good sentimental movie. . . and the music. . .