boat race biscuits

or the "credit munch"

at some stage I am going to tell you about my recent weekend, but right now I ought to be cooking tea. . .

. . .so you'll have to wait

(but it's really not that exciting) (so don't hold your breath) (!)


Sorrow said...

hmmm is this a tease?

katherine. said...

drumming my fingers on the keyboard

practicing patience.....

Mel said...

*unwrapping gold chocolate coin and waiting*

Uh huh....from the holidays!

<-- slow to consume--likes to savor things, tyvm!

Yum! :-)

Mel said...

OH!! You made cool cookies to sell at the boat races!!!!

<-- best guess

<-- enjoying chocolate

<-- sucks at being patient! LOL

Vicus Scurra said...

I already have the cctv footage.

Anonymous G said...

FUNNY you should say don't hold your breath, because I TRIED holding my breath because I have the F^&***G hiccups.

I h.a.t.e. the hiccups.


Rimshot said...

Was a financial 'killing' made in the biscuit market? Are there any left over for care packages?

Borneo or Bust!

I, Like The View said...

oh. . . had I mentioned this little fund raising plan already?

I suggested it to The Teen a while ago now, and then I came over all Health and Safety nervous and Trading Standards insecure, and tried to put him off

but he'd have noone of it, and even recruited a friend to help him

they made £85!!!! not a huge amount of money in the bigger scheme of things, but about 4 times as much as I'd thought they'd make

(and there were some left over biscuits for the others to eat)

at the end of the day I decided that it wasn't so much the amount of money they'd made, but the fact that The Teen had knuckled down on a Saturday evening and spent two hours baking

his first ever real cooking*

and then organised himself and his friend to go out amongst the crowds on the Sunday for a couple of hours and ply their wares (they offered the cakes and biscuits "in exchange" for a donation to the charitable cause, thus avoiding the street sales by-law issue)

*he even did all his own washing up

wonders will never cease


Anonymous said...


Mel said...


He did his own washing up?

Just leave me down here on the floor....I'll play with carpet fuzz for a while.....

katherine. said...

that is way cool.

the cooking...the "washing" up leaning over to help Mel up from playing with the carpet fuzz...the being out amongst the crowds...and certainly the not being put off my his mama....all of it way cool.

biscuits are cookies.

85 pounds converts to 120.698 dollars.

impressive for sure.