"time is running out"

I've read that three times already today

anyone would think we're nearing the end of the world. . .

ba humbug


Vicus Scurra said...

Not wishing to be picky, but we are, traveling as we do forwards through time, approaching the end of the world.

Dave said...

We are, indeed, an hour closer to the end than we were 60 minutes ago.

Mel said...

I don't do New Year's Eve.

Well, I do it--but by default.

End of the world?
Evolving is continuous, I'm thinking. Is there an end?

Darn deep for a Fuzzy Thursday.
(six again!)

I, Like The View said...

mine's the 14th of Feb, Mel

big hugs for the Thursday Fuzzies (6!)

Dave on the other hand, perhaps we're just an hour further away from the beginning

I can't cope with endless right now

Vicus I was being picky, so you have my fullest permission to be too (however, I refer you to my comment to Dave, as above)

katherine. said...

well...my today is running out...but it is already your tomorrow...so...

mig said...

Well it didn't run out yet. At least one days worth since you posted that :)